DJ Unk On Surviving Heart Attack Scare, “I’ve Calmed Down On The Drinking, Beer & Smoking”

DJ Unk On Surviving Heart Attack Scare, “I’ve Calmed Down On The Drinking, Beer & Smoking”

Rapper DJ Unk has opened up about his heart attack scare last year and how the near-death experience forced him to change his lifestyle.

According to Unk, the heart attack last August was an eye-opener for him.

“One morning I woke up and I was like, I felt a little pain on the left side of my heart, it felt like a pulled muscle because I’ve been trying to get back in shape–I was trying to shoot basketballs or whatever,” he explained in an interview. “I had laid down on the bed and I laid back and I couldn’t move. I didn’t know whether to call the ambulance or just try to shake it off. I’m glad I went to the hospital because the doctor said if I would have laid down and went to sleep, who knows if I would’ve got up and that would’ve been a sad thing…I removed all the [negative stuff]. I’m blessed to be as booked for concerts and hosting and everything. I enjoy myself but I’ve calmed down on the drinking, on the beer, the smoking. Everybody’s smoking dealing with this game, I know a couple of people hit a joint or two. I substituted that with fruits, base foods like good salmon, just healthy things. Whenever I go out, I still enjoy myself like before. I have a drink or two before I hit the stage. I just don’t go ham like I did before; everything was so fast. Instead of praying once like before, I go twice a day.” (XXL Mag)

He updated fans on his health last summer via Twitter.

“just took UNK to the hospital!!,” his Twitter account read. “heart problems and he can’t breath! might be slight Heart aAttack ..he is n so much pain.. pray for UNK Unk said he never felt pain like this n his life leave a message for Unk so he can get his mind off this situation 404 447 4596 thanks twits just took Unk to the back for tests…..follow @djunk If u believe in yourself! all Unk keep sayn is he gotta keep pushn! @djUnk what up twigs I just left the emergency room, thanks and I love all those who prayed for ya Boi! I’m still here! Still walkn it out @djUnk never and don’t wanna go threw thAt again.Got to change my diet and slow down! Scared the shit out of my family and friends luv life Its-crazy..that..MEDIATAKEOUT..said-that-bullsh*t!!!-on-that-kush-end-tho-lol-hey-weed-dont-kill.” (DJ Unk’s Twitter)

Initial reports suggested multiple explanations for Unk’s heart attack scare. has some SAD news for you. Yesterday popular Atlanta rapper DJ Unk was rushed to the hospital after having difficulty breathing and an irregular heartbeat. Luckily for him, learned that the doctors were able to catch whatever the problem was (we suspect that it was a minor heart attack) before it was too late. Word is that in recent months he’d been going overboard on the Kush and the Lean — and it all caught up with him. DJ Unk, who made the popular hit “Walk It Out,” is now recovering in the hospital. Hope he gets well quick. (Media Take Out)

Unk’s buzz began to pick up around 2006 with his hits “Two Step” and “Walk It Out.”

Known in Georgia as DJ Unk, Anthony Platt began spinning records in 1998. After crossing paths with DJ Jelly and DJ Montay, he joined their DJ entourage, the Southern Style DJs, performing for high school parties, proms, pep rallies, and other events around the state of Georgia. In 2000, an impressed Big Oomp took Unk under his wing to develop his rhyming skills and incorporated the DJ/rapper into his Oomp Camp. Unk became a regular in Atlanta’s mixtape circuit, appearing on his own as well as on other DJs’ material. (AOL Music)

Check out a past interview with DJ Unk below:

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