DJ Skee Kicks Off Skeetox Summer Shows W/ Lil Jon, Ray J & More

DJ Skee Kicks Off Skeetox Summer Shows W/ Lil Jon, Ray J & More

West Coast radio personality DJ Skee recently hit up SOHH to reveal the launch of his new Skeetox summer show series which kicked-off tonight in California.

Speaking on his first show which featured Snoop Dogg, Skee detailed what fans could expect from his upcoming summer events.

“I pretty much wanted to reinvent the live deejay stage show,” Skee told SOHH. “So we have a full seven piece band, crazy visual production from the same producers that did stuff for Jay-Z at the World Series, so it’s a full, visual and audio experience and it’s really the ultimate concert where I’m just playing the a cappellas and everybody is just mixing it live. Along the way, we bring out special guests. The first launch of it, we had Snoop Dogg, Mike Posner, Xzibit and more come out as surprise performers as we’re playing songs in the middle of the set. It’s a big production, an expensive show but we’re just trying to build a buzz for it and do something real cool so we chose one of my favorite venues in LA, the Roxy — and we’re gonna do a summer run from June, July to August with the last Wednesday of the month starting June 30th and really showcasing the show to key entertainers, agents, beat makers as well as the general public whether we do have some general public tickets for sale as well and just something real cool, small and intimate.” (SOHH)

Skee also said he wanted to branch out from the West and hit more regional venues.

“We want to tour with other markets and other venues but at the same time, it’s something that we’re gonna grow organically and let that happen naturally, it’s not like we’re gonna come out on Day 1 and do the Staples Center,” Skee added. “We want to do something cool and let fans get an opportunity to see what it is…I’m really just trying to push the boundaries as far as doing a live deejay show and I have a ton of fun with it and it’s super exciting. I hope we can take our vision across the world and that’s what we’re really aiming for.” (SOHH)

Tonight’s event will feature surprise sets from various artists.

World famous music tastemaker, DJ Skee, and Skee.TV today announced that top hip-hop artist, Lil’ Jon, multi-platinum producer, Clinton Sparks, R&B sensation, Ray J and Cali Swag District will help kick-off the summer Skeetox dates for their Los Angeles’ shows. These artists and more special surprise guests will join DJ Skee on stage to add a unique blend and range of music to bring fans a completely new live show experience. (Press Release)

Aside from shows, Skee recently spoke with SOHH about the likelihood of Dr. Dre‘s Detox album dropping this year.

“Well according to Scott [Storch] and a a bunch of other people, it’s close to being done,” Skee told SOHH. “But Scott’s kinda jumping it, just because they have a few more records left probably means they gotta record a couple hundred more just to make Dre happy. Dre is the ultimate perfectionist and he should be, you know, he hasn’t released his own solo album in years and it seems like he doesn’t have to make any more money or do anything else but because of the Beats by Dre [headphones], it kinda put him back in the national mainstream limelight and I think where hip-hop is at today, by him actually having records that he’s happy with, I think it might realistically have a chance of coming out later this year, we’ll see. I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ‘didn’t’ [laughs], but at the same time I actually think it is realistic but with Beats by Dre and all these other [ventures], it’s almost pushing him, like, people are ready and people have been ready but now it’s even on another level. I just can’t wait to hear what his album is gonna sound like in all those headphones, too…” (SOHH)

Skeetox will take over The Roxy Nightclub in Hollywood all summer starting on Wednesday, June 30 and follow with shows on Wednesday, July 28 and a special show on August 25 to kick-off the Sunset Strip Music Festival. For tickets, peep

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