DJ Scratch Reveals How He’ll Blow $250,000

DJ Scratch Reveals How He’ll Blow $250,000

After DJ Scratch proved his scratching skills reigned supreme as the conqueror of the “Master of the Mix” reality TV series, SOHH spoke with the renowned hitmaker about how he plan to splurge his $250,000 prize.         

While he anticipates putting a chunk sum into the bank, Scratch said he is looking to invest a major part of his award into his record collection.

“I’m gonna go record shopping and I’m going to take a road trip,” Scratch told SOHH about what he plans on doing with his $250,000 prize winning. “[I’m] an avid record collector. So I’m going record shopping and then everything else is going into the bank. [laughs] I can’t give out the artists [I’m looking for] because they’re rare. If you’re in the record collector community, you don’t tell those titles because we play these records and I might have a 45 that’s worth two, three grand but I’ll actually play it. I’ll still play the vinyl.” (SOHH)

Scratch also gave SOHH the inside scoop on what conditions the reality show placed him and six other deejays in through the competition.

“What people don’t really know is when we were standing out there for about three hours, right under London Bridge, and it was three below zero,” Scratch added speaking on his post-win reaction. “So when they said I was the winner, I was so cold, all of us, we were so cold that we couldn’t celebrate. It was too cold out there. [laughs] … That was the whole thing about ‘Master of the Mix.’ We were always dealing with different types of elements beyond the deejaying. When we were in Vegas for the Vegas challenge, it was 115 degrees and we were outside for seven hours. And then we had to deejay. It was a lot of things that we were going through that people don’t really realize besides the deejaying. So I enjoyed the win about a week later, that’s when it soaked in. [laughs]” (SOHH)

The show’s host, Just Blaze, recently talked to SOHH about his experience hosting the Smirnoff-sponsored series.

“When it’s the music, I’m used to it just being me and the artist [working together], but when you’re dealing with TV, you have the talent, the director, the producer [working together]. You might have an executive producer and in this case, being that [alcohol brand] Smirnoff was involved, you have the Smirnoff brand directors giving their input also. The BET network wasn’t so much of a factor because they weren’t handling the production of the show, so there’s a lot more [different] people involved which could make things a little more [difficult] when you have that many more people involved in the decision-making process. Then again, you have to remember it’s all a part of the cycle. You gotta take it all in stride and I think what made this show relatively easy was the fact that we had a lot of people working toward the common goals without having any ulterior motives or without having selfish plans for advancement. Everybody was really working toward a common goal of trying to expose, with the little bit of time we had, their deejay culture intellect. So it worked out great.” (SOHH Guest Star)

The show officially kicked off last year and featured multiple well-known hip-hop personalities.

The competition, which kicked off in the Hollywood Hills and traveled to Sin City, Miami, New York, and London, saw fierce competition from 6 other renowned deejays including: DJ Revolution; DJ Mars; DJ Rap; DJ Jazzy Joyce; Rich Medina; and Vikter Duplaix. The finale culminated in a battle between Vikter Duplaix and DJ Scratch in London at the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, a global cultural exchange between 14 countries. The last competition of the season challenged the two hip hop heavyweights to a classic deejay battle. Under the lights of one of London’s hottest parties, DJ Scratch’s skills on the turntables were undeniable as he proved himself worthy of the title “Master of the Mix.” As the winner, DJ Scratch will serve as the face of Master of the Mix, making appearances at Smirnoff events throughout 2011. (PR Newswire)

Check out some footage from the show below:

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