DJ Premier Wants To Give Eminem “The Illest, What-The-F*ck-Is-That” Record

DJ Premier Wants To Give Eminem “The Illest, What-The-F*ck-Is-That” Record

Hip-Hop pioneer DJ Premier recently discussed his admiration of Grammy-winning rapper Eminem and what type of record he envisions producing for Slim Shady.

Although he hasn’t crafted a beat for Em as of yet, Preem admitted to having a conversation with him in regards to a possible collaboration.

“Me and Eminem spoke about a year ago when he did the ciphers with BET and we finally got to kick it face to face. We had a good conversation. There’s a uniqueness about certain artists, so with him, I have to put certain things aside to work with him, and I gotta be realistic with what my schedule already allows me to have going on. I knew if I was going to work on Eminem tracks, I can’t be working on anything else. Strictly Eminem. That’s how much I want to give him the illest, what-the-f*ck-is-that type sh*t, where everybody is like ‘Yo, did you hear the Eminem and Premier sh*t?!” I know it will be great. But he’s still alive, I’m still alive, and hopefully I will keep breathing, and in that time frame we’ll get around to that.” (The Well Versed)

Premier recently revealed that he nearly having a chance to produce for Em last year.

“It was really a point of jumping the gun on locking down everything with Eminem at the time to where it never materialized to where I jumped the gun on the interview. I wasn’t supposed to let it out the bag yet that I was working with him and for me to protect the people I was involved with to do the song with Eminem, I didn’t really want to put their name on blast so I just pretty much said, ‘Hey, I spoke a little too soon’ and I apologized to Eminem when we did the ciphers last year and he said, ‘You don’t gotta apologize. I still want those beats from you!’ I remember he just started jumping up and down like a little kid. ‘Send. The. Beats. Send. The. Beats.’ Jumping up and down to that type of a rhythm. Once we got to talking and knowing each other and being cool, then he showed his silly side and I told him, ‘I’m going to send you something’ for the next project he does. I’m going to definitely send him some tracks.” (Hip Hop Game)

Aside from Em, the producer recently talked to SOHH about working on Game‘s upcoming R.E.D. solo album.

“Me and Game just did a banger called ‘Born In The Trap,'” Premier revealed to SOHH. “He was like, ‘Can I get another one?’ I said, ‘What, you didn’t like that one?’ He said, ‘No, no, I want to buy another one!’ I was like, ‘Sh*t yeah.’ [laughs] He said mine is the second song on the album, so, I’m about to do another one for him but the one that we already did, he said it’s going to be the second song. I’m excited about that. I know he’s been leaking out a lot of stuff but he said a lot of the stuff he’s leaking isn’t going to be on the album. I haven’t even heard anything. He knocked that sh*t out with me in one day and I mixed it the same day.” (SOHH)

He also informed SOHH about linking with Jay-Z and Kanye West for their upcoming Watch the Throne LP.

“H*ll yeah, I’m excited to be a part of anything and I love working with Jay,” Premier told SOHH about getting aboard Watch the Throne. “I wish I was on Blueprint III, but I got on board really too late and he couldn’t make it in time but I just saw Jay the other day and we kicked it.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent DJ Premier footage down below:

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