DJ Premier Steers Clear Of Producer Beef, “We In This For Music Not Beefing”

DJ Premier Steers Clear Of Producer Beef, “We In This For Music Not Beefing”

Renowned producer DJ Premier has weighed in with his thoughts on how beef among beatmakers should be handled.

With the popularity of current rapper beefs, including Rick Ross and 50 Cent, Premier said differences between producers should not confuse music with beef.

“I stay away from all that just because of hate fact that most of them, I’ll kick their a** [laugh],” he said in an interview. “On top of that, come on man, we in this for music, not for beefing. If you wanna beef, leave the music alone and fight over nothing. I mean, don’t get me wrong, watch your mouth and be positive around people. I’m not saying I’m going to fight anybody but I will fight and I will kick most people’s a**es. I’m from the old school. I’m from Texas. I’m a country boy, I know how to throw my one-twos!” (Inquiring Mind Magazine)

Producers Scott Storch and Timbaland previously engaged in a highly publicized beef in 2007 which allegedly stemmed from production arrangements.

First there was “Cry Me a River,” which won a Grammy in 2004. Storch claims Timbaland approached him to collaborate “50/50″ on two tracks for Justin Timberlake‘s debut album. Storch said he composed the bridge and melody and Timbaland programmed the kick and snares for “Cry Me a River.” But once the project was released commercially, Storch was surprised to learn Timbaland was listed as producer while Storch was credited with playing the keys. Had the song credited both of them with producing the track, Storch said it would have been more “respectable and real. That’s how it was supposed to go down.” (VH1)

Dr. Dre and Jermaine Dupri also made headlines around 2002 for their back-and-forth diss records at one another.

“Well, it was a few negative things that Jermaine Dupri said about us in the XXL magazine, so we were gonna make a song dedicated to him,” Dre explained in a past interview. “He said me or Timbaland can’t do what he does. I thought that was kinda crazy. That was cocky. He was just at my studio maybe about two or three weeks before that asking me to do a song with him. So I found that really funny…How does he figure we can’t get with him? Most of his artists would probably rather work with us anyways.” (MTV)

Aside from beef talk, Premo previously spoke with SOHH about the possibility of re-linking with Guru for another Gang Starr project.

“I see and read these articles where he’s like, ‘I’m Gang Starr’ so I’m like, all right,” he explained. “So whenever you ready, you tell me when you’re ready and I’ll start tomorrow, but it’s up to Guru.” (SOHH)

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