DJ Premier Reveals Unreleased Jay-Z Diss, “He Said A Lot Of Slick Sh*t About A Lot Of People”

DJ Premier Reveals Unreleased Jay-Z Diss, “He Said A Lot Of Slick Sh*t About A Lot Of People”

Hip-Hop pioneer DJ Premier has come forward to discuss an unreleased diss track he produced for Jay-Z at the beginning of the rap mogul’s career, which called out multiple people.

While refusing to disclose the exact references, Preemo said the hidden record with Hov was created in the mid-90’s.

“There’s a [unreleased] Jay-Z [song] where he was getting a little slick at a lot of people,” Premier revealed in an interview. “I won’t even say their names. He said a lot of slick sh*t about a lot of people from the era he was coming through when he was just coming out with [1996’s] Reasonable Doubt. He was airing them out and doing it properly. If he had done it, he would have been respected for it. He did it so dope, and so cleverly, and he was so witty with it. But he erased it, so it’s going to be a memory I take to the grave. But it’s all gravy because Jay and I are good friends so I would never violate him like that.” (The Well Versed)

Jay has been known for dropping diss records throughout his career, including  the infamous “Takeover” track attacked Mobb Deep and Nas.

“Use your – BRAAAAAAAIN! You said you been in this ten I’ve been in it five – smarten up Nas /Four albums in ten years n*gga? I can divide /That’s one every let’s say two, two of them sh*ts was doo One was – Ehh, the other was Illmatic/That’s a one hot album every ten year averageAnd that’s so – LAAAAAAAME! N*gga switch up your flow/Your sh*t is garbage- what, you tryna kick knowledge? (f*ck outa here)” (“The Takeover”)

Jay recently came forward and admitted he thought “Takeover” was a better diss track than Nas’ response, “Ether.”

It’s been nine years and the great debate over Jay-Z vs. Nas still isn’t over. Earlier today (November 15), Hov appeared on Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds‘ podcast, “Juan Epstein,” and during the interview, the Brooklyn legend said, despite popular opinion, that his 2001 diss record towards God’s Son, “The Takeover” is better than Nasir’s response track, “Ether.” “I think in the history when we look back, and I don’t mean no disrespect to Nas, I think when we look back it’s not even close,” he shared, adding, “I just think it was a better record.” (XXL Mag)

Jay also said he was indifferent to fans’ preference of either song.

When asked if it’s true that Jay-Z holds grudges for things, like who preferred “Ether” over “Takeover.” Hov says, “Think of it as a computer, it has music and then you have other. That’s my life. things that I love and resonate with me, I remember. Things that I don’t really care about, that’s ‘other.’ And I could care less.” (Miss Info TV)

Check out a recent Jay-Z interview below:

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