DJ Khaled Still Stans For Eminem, “I’m Cool W/ Him But He Doesn’t Know Me Like That”

DJ Khaled Still Stans For Eminem, “I’m Cool W/ Him But He Doesn’t Know Me Like That”

Def Jam South President DJ Khaled is still on the prowl for Grammy-winning rapper Eminem despite Slim Shady missing out on an opportunity to appear on his new We The Best Forever compilation album.

Although Em could not make this album, Khaled is determined to make a record alongside Shady.

“I wanted Eminem,” Khaled said in an interview this week. “I really want to make it happen, I think it’s gonna happen…I never really sat down and talked to him — I’m a fan of him and I’m cool with him, but he doesn’t know me like that. I really don’t know what route to get him…I don’t just ask people to get on records. I want people to want to want to do the records and know I’m gonna make a hit record ’cause that’s what I do. I’ve worked with Jay-Z before, I’ve worked with Kanye [West] before, so I wanted to reach out to Eminem.” (Hot 97)

Last month, Khaled said he hoped to snag Nas and Em for his new LP.

“Me and Nas are still on the creative process. He was on my last two albums. We are talking to get a new song done. I think it’s pretty close. The list of the artists on We The Best Forever is amazing, but the records are hits. The album will drop in July, and I’m still hunting down Eminem. It’s the right time to ask for him. This is my fifth album, so I should be on his radar.” (VIBE)

In 2010, Khaled envisioned what recording alongside Slim Shady would embody.

“The collaboration I want to make happen and the people want to make happen is a DJ Khaled/Eminem collaboration,” Khaled said in an interview. “I know if I get with Eminem and put him on one of my anthems … ’cause I make these anthems. I got something so special in my drive that for Eminem on there…We’re doing it for hip-hop. We doing this for hip-hop. I’m a big fan of his. I don’t have a way to contact him. I don’t know how I can sit down and play him some music; whatever I gotta do. Eminem, I got love. I wanna make this crazy record with you. Let’s make history. Let’s rip the streets apart. I got the idea already [that] I wanna do with Slim Shady. I got the beat right now, so crazy, the concept. It’s something the people are gonna love too. If I get Slim Shady on this joint, I’mma tear up the streets.” (MTV)

Despite Em’s lack of involvement on the LP, Khaled’s latest compilation album is projected to debut on the sales chart next week.

Universal Republic hip-hop star DJ Khaled’s We the Best Forever, his fifth studio album overall, look to debut with 40-45k. His previous album, last year’s Victory, bowed with 88k in first-week sales. (HITS Daily Double)

Check out a recent DJ Khaled interview down below:

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