DJ Khaled On His Place In Rap, “I’m Like The LA Reid, The Berry Gordy Of Hip-Hop” [Audio]

DJ Khaled On His Place In Rap, “I’m Like The LA Reid, The Berry Gordy Of Hip-Hop” [Audio]

Def Jam South president DJ Khaled recently spoke on his status in hip-hop and how he has followed the same game plan as music moguls like LA Reid and Berry Gordy.

In addition to working on the iconic label, Khaled also denied recent speculation of Reid possibly being fired from his post at Island Def Jam.

“I’m like the LA Reid of hip-hop, the Berry Gordy of hip-hop,” Khaled told radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. “I feel like I’m the executive right now that’s in the streets and going to take it to the next level, that’s the goal, you know what I’m saying? That’s the next goal. At Def Jam, we’re one big team, and I’m an executive at Def Jam, office in Miami, but I gotta come to New York, do big meetings…LA Reid is a boss — those [firing reports] are rumors, that’s not happening. He hired me, so I’m with LA Reid for life, man. Shout-outs to LA Reid, one of the best execs in the game and also he’s a music guy, he’s another Berry Gordy.” (“Jenny Boom Boom TV”)

The hitmaker recently discussed how involved he is with artist development.

“DJ Khaled’s involvement is everything in the record,” Khaled said in an interview speaking of himself. “DJ Khaled comes up with the concept. DJ Khaled gets with the producer and is either me making it or somebody else making it with me orchestrating the situation. DJ Khaled is bringing the energy from the artist, to me, to the producer, then to the room. I am Berry Gordy of hip-hop.” (All Hip Hop)

Terror Squad leader Fat Joe previously highlighted Khaled’s impact as a Def Jam boss.

“No one has ever seen an executive like DJ Khaled,” Joe said in an interview. “Everybody in the music business who’s an executive has been polished for the job. Khaled comes with the energy that hasn’t been seen in this game, ever, from the day that f*cking Lyor Cohen and Russell Simmons opened Def Jam! He’s going to put out nothing but hits. And I expect him to be one of the biggest executives in a couple of years, the hip-hop game has ever seen. I guarantee he’s going to be an executive of a lifetime. Remember I told you.” (Complex)

Last year, Khaled discussed how he was recruited by Reid to run Def Jam South.

“This is what I’ve always wanted to do, is be an executive and take it to another level,” Khaled said in an interview. “L.A. [Reid] just hit me one day. He was like, ‘We should bring Khaled onboard. He makes hits, he has relationships.’ I got a team of producers and we go in hard. My job is to bring hits to the table and work with new artists and work with established artists. I’m bringing new energy to the game and to the building.” (MTV)

Check out DJ Khaled speaking with Jenny Boom Boom below:

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