DJ Khaled On Fat Joe Shaking Weight, “He’s Happier Than Ever” [Video]

DJ Khaled On Fat Joe Shaking Weight, “He’s Happier Than Ever” [Video]

With Fat Joe catching people off guard with his new, slimmer figure, the Terror Squad leader’s close associate DJ Khaled has become the latest hip-hop star to give a reaction to the new Joey Crack.

Along with revealing Joe’s in-studio grind as of late, Khaled said he has noticed the Bronx Bomber is high off life.

“Joe’s in the studio right now working on his new album,” Khaled said in an interview. “I was actually in the studio with him a month ago. We keep putting out music. Everybody and the team keeps putting out music. Be ready for a new Joe Crack album. He lost ‘a lot’ of weight. He’s happier than ever, you know what I’m saying? [He’s] working out, eating better and not only that, life is motivaiton, you know what I’m saying? I’m happy for him, you know what I’m saying?” (Hard Knock TV)

Last week, Joe described his new diet and workout plan.

“I just really eat carbs in the morning — bread with turkey bacon and f*cking egg whites — and then [for] the rest of my meals I don’t eat carbs. That’s good. I work out everyday, I work out like a mutherf*cka. I’m sore now…Everything. I do cardio. [I] start off half an hour cardio, then we start lifting all types of weights, then we go back and finish it off with half an hour of cardio. Like, this right here, this sh*t you see Fat Joe? This ain’t even nothing. This is just the beginning. Everybody looking at me like, ‘Oh sh*t, Joe, you look great.’ But, they not even realizing, this isn’t it. We halfway there.” (XXL Mag)

Recently, Joe’s “Paradise” remix collaborator Mickey Factz hit up SOHH and shared his reaction to the rapper’s new look.

“I’m happy that he’s lost the weight,” Factz told SOHH referring to Fat Joe. “Being somebody from the Bronx and being able to see the loss and impact of Big Pun before he got a chance to lose weight, it was devastating to the borough, it was devastating to the BX rappers. So to see Joe lose this weight is a good thing for him. And I’m proud. I think he’s gonna catch a wave. It’s gonna clean up his image a little bit and I don’t know if he wants to continue to be called Fat Joe but at the end of the day, I’m glad.” (SOHH)

A few weeks ago, Joe opened up about how vital it was to lose 88 pounds.

“I always loved being fat. Obviously, I’m Fat Joe,” Joey Crack said in an interview. “If I could eat and gain a thousand pounds and behealthy, I would love to do that. But obviously the statistics say you can’t. It’s nothing that’s not out there. I think everybody needs to educate themselves. And if you from the inner side, the hood, the Bronx, Harlem, Brooklyn, whatever, there ain’t no diet Snapples, there ain’t no sugar free candies. You need to tell them, ‘Yo, I need that.’ Because everybody needs a fix. So it’s a constant battle but for me, I seen too many of my friends die so I’ve been trying to be focusing, God-willing, I’ve been able to keep fighting this fight and remain healthy.” (New York Daily News)

Check out DJ Khaled discussing Fat Joe below:

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