DJ Khaled Has High Hopes For The Great White Hype, “I’m Still Hunting Down…”

DJ Khaled Has High Hopes For The Great White Hype, “I’m Still Hunting Down…”

Miami producer DJ Khaled has updated fans on the status of his delayed We The Best Forever album, and maintains confidence in his ability to snag Grammy-winning rapper Eminem for a collaboration.

With the LP delayed through July 19th, Khaled is looking to get contributions from Nas and hopefully Slim Shady.

“Me and Nas are still on the creative process. He was on my last two albums. We are talking to get a new song done. I think it’s pretty close. The list of the artists on We The Best Forever is amazing, but the records are hits. The album will drop in July, and I’m still hunting down Eminem. It’s the right time to ask for him. This is my fifth album, so I should be on his radar.” (VIBE)

Khaled may have to get in line as New York rapper Fabolous recently revealed his wish to  with Nas and Eminem in the future.

“Nas, Eminem, Fergie,” Fab said in an interview when asked what artists he hopes to work with. “I think Fergie’s voice is really dope. Umm. A lot of people, man. Jadakiss. Rick Ross. So we got some people to look out for on this [Loso’s Way 2] album coming. Yeah.” (Hot 106)

Last May, Khaled talked about his album’s potential to generate success.

“Aight check this out, it’s We The Best Forever, it’s DJ Khaled, it’s going to be a hot summer,” Khaled said in a video. “I’m in the gym, gotta stay healthy even though we busy 24 hours getting this money hustling hard. But right now, I’m warning you now, I’m about to drop the biggest record in the country. My second single is going to be a problem. Stay tuned for more updates. In the meantime, I gotta get in this gym because we’re gonna shoot the biggest video ever. Video shot be Gil Green, co-directed by Drake aka Drizzy. It’s gonna be the biggest record in the country…We ain’t trying to slim down, [but] if we do, give thanks. You feel me? I’m a fly brother. Let’s go swimming…Aight, check this out. After a hard workout, and some laps in the pool — order yourself a Pina Colada, get in the jacuzzi, We The Best Forever is coming soon. It’s going to be a hot summer. My second single is coming soon.” (Dazed One Productions)

Khaled’s last album debuted in the Top 20 last year.

Def Jam South president DJ Khaled’s Victory debuted onto the charts this week earning a spot at No. 14. The popular deejay’s latest release was able to move 28,000 records after a week in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

We The Best Forever is slated to hit stores Tuesday, July 19th.

Check out some recent DJ Khaled footage down below:

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