DJ Khaled Draws Heat From Fat Joe Associate, “He Gotta Give Up That Terror Squad Chain” [Video]

DJ Khaled Draws Heat From Fat Joe Associate, “He Gotta Give Up That Terror Squad Chain” [Video]

Fat Joe associate Pistol Pete has called out Terror Squad collaborator DJ Khaled for not supporting the rap group he says was responsible for building his career.

Describing his loyalty to Joey Crack, Pete explained his differences with Khaled.

“Khaled was a regular deejay at Power 99,” Pete said in an interview. “And what happened? Joe came and Khaled was sweating Joe like ‘Please get me on, get me a deal, get me a record deal.’ He took him to Koch and got him a record deal and look where he’s at now. He’s the president of Def Jam. He’s another one I don’t do sh*t for. Khaled’s another one we supposed to put on blast. Khaled is another one, he don’t do sh*t for us. He gotta give up that Terror Squad chain when I see him because he don’t do a motherf*cking thing for the squad. He don’t do nothin’ for nobody, he’s about himself. ‘He’s The Best.’ He moved on, he don’t even wear the TS chain no more. So he need to give that up, real talk. He don’t represent the Terror Squad like I do. I don’t give a f*ck where Joe got beef at, I’ll go to the heart of the Bronx for my TS chain.” (PSM Radio/AriZZmARadio)

Joe has co-signed Khaled’s moves including his venture into Def Jam.

“No one has ever seen an executive like DJ Khaled,” Joe said in an interview. “Everybody in the music business who’s an executive has been polished for the job. Khaled comes with the energy that hasn’t been seen in this game, ever, from the day that f*cking Lyor Cohen and Russell Simmons opened Def Jam! He’s going to put out nothing but hits. And I expect him to be one of the biggest executives in a couple of years, the hip-hop game has ever seen. I guarantee he’s going to be an executive of a lifetime. Remember I told you.” (Complex)

The Miami deejay recently spoke on his role at the record label powerhouse.

“I don’t deal with negative energy, it’s a waste of my time and my time is valuable,” he said in an interview. “I keep negative away and stay positive…At Def Jam, we promote music…We promote hit records. That’s what I respect. I’m always going to represent the music; Rick Ross is gonna represent the music. If controversy comes with it, it comes with it.” (MTV News)

Both Joe and Pete have over a decade of history together.

Pistol Pete is a street legend turned CEO. After serving a 15 year prison sentence, Pete returned home and was welcomed not only with love from the hood, but by fellow Terror Squad member Fat Joe, who had gone on to become one of the music industry’s biggest stars. Joe, whom Pete had known before he was in the music industry, took the upstart under his wing as he tried to find his way in the entertainment industry. (Reuters)

Check out Pistol Pete’s interview below:

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