DJ Khaled Defends Dropping N-Bombs, “It’s A Positive Word” [Video]

DJ Khaled Defends Dropping N-Bombs, “It’s A Positive Word” [Video]

Miami’s DJ Khaled has come out to defend his frequent use of the term “n*gga” and said despite being of Palestinian decent, he feels there are no negative connotations associated with it.

Speaking to DJ Green Lantern, Khaled described his credentials  that should allow him to be able to use the controversial term.

“I’m a n*gga,” Khaled said. “If somebody ever took that in an arrogant — If someone thinks it in another way, they dumb. I grew up like that. It’s slang. It’s actually a positive word the way that I use it, the way that Ace [Hood] is using it. If you think like that, that goes back to the Internet. The hate.” (Invasion Radio)

Khaled continued to fuel his argument by reminscing upon when he was addressed as a “n*gga” when he was younger.

“For me to say ‘We the best, oooo weeee n*gga, we the best!’ You know what I’m talking about,” Khaled added. “N*ggas that’s thinking that is dumb f*cks. Once again, I’d like to shout out the fans who love this music. What makes me mad, when I grew up, n*ggas was calling me sand n*gga. That’s ignorant, because there’s only one way to say it. You can’t say, ‘Yo what up my sand n*gga?’ That’s not the way we grew up in the streets — When I say ‘What up my n*gga,’ I say that to Green all the time. ‘What up my nig?’ That’s just me greeting you with love. But if somebody takes it another way, they dumb.” (Invasion Radio)

Last June, California rapper Mistah F.A.B. defended white rappers Kreayshawn and V-Nasty over using the term.

“I just wanna say some sh*t to everybody that’s talking about why is Kreayshawn and V-Nasty, the White Girl Mob, saying the word n*gga and all that sh*t,” Mistah F.A.B. said in an interview. “First of all, you motherf*ckers need to wake up. It’s 2011. Nobody gives a f*ck about that sh*t no more. We grew up in the same communities, same neighborhoods. It’s not the same as how people once looked at it. You want to stand up for a cause like that? You’ll let somebody from your own race disrespect you all day, then soon as someone from outside your race — you want to turn into Malcolm X or Martin Luther King.” (We The West)

Recently, newly signed Bad Boy Records white rapper Machine Gun Kelly weighed in on the hype.

“It’s a wrap on me using that word,” MGK said in an interview. “Not where I’m from. F*ck that. [laughs] F*ck that. I love my hood stripes. I wear my hood stripes proud. I don’t want them taken from me. Only N-word I’m using is ninja, ninjas, ninjas, ninjas and napalm, nasal spray, narcissist, nipples. Those are the N-words I’m using. Nipple, preferrably, is my favorite N-word. Good question. That’s a good question. That’s a controversial question, that’s a sketchy question…My daughter’s black, too. My whole team, with the exception of one of my managers, is black. It’s a subject you just kinda grow up and respect. I really wouldn’t touch it. I can joke all I want to. I wouldn’t touch that sh*t, though…[V-Nasty] may be good with that. I don’t know her. I know a lot of white people that do use it. I guess they grew up in that type of [environment]. I don’t know. (XXL Mag)

Check out DJ Khaled’s interview below:

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