DJ Khaled & Cipha Sounds Face-Off During Heated Interview: “If You Want Ratings, Continue Lying” [Video]

DJ Khaled & Cipha Sounds Face-Off During Heated Interview: “If You Want Ratings, Continue Lying” [Video]

Tensions boiled this week during an interview between Miami producer DJ Khaled and Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds when they both revealed having a distanced relationship with one another.

Despite Cipha’s initial claims of Khaled forcing the issue, the South Beach hitmaker denied being the one responsible for not keeping in contact.

“I can say this. Cipha Sounds has definitely neglected me,” Khaled explained in an interview when asked about their distanced relationship. “If you want me to be honest, if you want me to walk back in and be fake, we can do that, but I don’t know how to do that. I’m honest and that’s what I do and that’s why I’m so loved and respected — with Cipha’s situation and his concern and his emotions, is he feels, ‘Hey, me and him have been down from day one and we haven’t talked in a while and boom-boom-boom.’ Yes, that’s true, because of Cipha Sounds. I made it my business throughout the years, when he is in the clubs, I make it my business to go through his clubs. He doesn’t care. … Listen, he’s asking me to go to a comedy show. I haven’t talked to Ciph, you think I’m going to go to a comedy show and [possibly] have Cipha do comedy on me? I’m not doing that. Then, second thing is, we ask him to do certain little things too, that’s a whole ‘nother show.” (“The Hot 97 Morning Show”)

Cipha sparked some emotion out of Khaled when he brought up an alleged $20,000 appearance fee for a birthday celebration.

“This is why I don’t talk to you, because you spin everything,” Cipha added. “The only reasons why I get into my feelings about DJ Khaled is ’cause I’m talking about day one. Early, that I did everything I could to help you and I don’t even want credit for it, I don’t want nothing for it. All I’m saying is that as you go bigger, the friendship was gone. But I said, ‘As n*ggas get busy, they move on to other things.’ That’s fine. But once in a blue, come through. Look, what I’m asking you for is to come to the show, which helps you. You say you’re busy, you got sh*t to do, you’re running around the world. The way I admire, I watched you make an album, scrap it, make another one, scrap it, then make a hit album and go on from there. The whole time I’m like, ‘My man’s doing it.’ — Then I’m like, ‘Can Khaled come to my birthday party,’ this is like first album, second album, in-between. ‘Can Khaled come to my birthday party?’ ‘Yeah, 20 [thousand dollars].’ Favor! 20 g’s.” (“The Hot 97 Morning Show”)

Immediately following Sounds’ claim, Khaled flatly denied ever asking for money to attend the special event.

“You’re lying,” Khaled argued back. “Cipha, let me tell you something. I’ve been doing free gigs my whole career. Listen, Cipha, you’re lying. Listen, if you want ratings and you want it, continue lying. … Cipha, you sound crazy. No listen, you’re a liar and you have to face it because now we have to counsel you because this is not good. You are a iiar.” (“The Hot 97 Morning Show”)

Outside of the verbal scuffle, first week estimates for Khaled’s new Suffering From Success album have surfaced.

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