DJ Kay Slay Questions Jay Electronica’s NY Remarks, Promises “No Shots Fired!!”

DJ Kay Slay Questions Jay Electronica’s NY Remarks, Promises “No Shots Fired!!”

New York radio personality DJ Kay Slay has addressed Jay Electronica‘s recent remarks about rappers from the Big Apple and denied being involved in a beef with the Southern emcee.

Slay initially addressed Jay’s remarks on radio station Hot 97 last night (May 13).

“What happened in the past happened and the South is eating now and you got on,” Slay said. “Why you keep bringing up old foolishness and keep throwing New York up? I’m taking offense because when Ludacris came around before his first album dropped, he came to my crib to freestyle. T.I. when he first came out came to my crib to freestyle; he asked me to bring him on BET his first time around. 8Ball‘s first time when he came to New York, I took him through Harlem. You’re using these people like no one in New York supported the South and everybody was dogging them [and] that never was the case.” (All Hip Hop)

The deejay later wrote via Twitter denying his comments were meant to spark a beef.

” Why yall internet n*gga act like yall dont know the difference Between BEEF and cats SPEAKING THEIR MIND. No threats no shots fired!!” (DJ Kay Slay’s Twitter)

“@JayElectronica Its all Good Sun.. it aint nothin but grown man convo… These 85%ers are takin it somewhere else…peace.”

Jay Elect also went onto Twitter to clear the air.

“stop trying to stir up beef btwn me & @RealDjKayslay. i was only expressing my feelings like he was. at the end of the day we family.”

“i love Kay Slay & when it all boils down to the gristle, you can hear and feel my love for ny in my music.”

“but that aint gon stop me from saying how i genuinely feel and telling the stories of my experiences.” (Jay Electronica’s Twitter)

Earlier this week, Jay revealed his past issues with New York rapper RZA.

“Particularly, RZA, I love RZA and I love the Wu-Tang, but I remember RZA — he said some real ridiculous stupid, ignorant things about the South,” Jay explained in an interview. “And he’s from Ohio or something like that about New York from another place. I don’t give a f*ck where you’re from, whether you were born and raised in Brooklyn, where’s your grandparents from? Where’s your great grandparents from? He was saying something to the effect of like, they were talking about the down South music and I think Lil Jon was big at the time — he was talking about the lyricism and quality of music. He was saying, ‘Yeah, we were doing this a long time ago,’ but then when you start talking about the intelligence level, which is a very unwise thing to do and is very disrespectful, because you’re running around saying all these things — this is the first time I’m ever saying this publicly too, peace on RZA he’s a great brother [but] also, RZA, you said some crazy wild sh*t…I put it in a record called ‘I Feel Good’ which I did a long, long time ago.” (The Most Influential)

Check out Jay Electronica speaking on RZA below:

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