DJ Kay Slay On Drake, “I’m Not A Heavy Fan Of His Because I’m From The Streets”

DJ Kay Slay On Drake, “I’m Not A Heavy Fan Of His Because I’m From The Streets”

New York radio personality DJ Kay Slay has shared his opinion of heavily-hyped rap newcomer Drake.

The “Drama King” said he feels as though Drake caters to a female audience.

“At the end of the day, I like the kid’s music but I’m not a heavy fan of his because I’m from the streets,” Slay said in an interview. “I like that real street gutter spin, but he caters more to the ladies. I’m not saying I don’t like him, I don’t want to be misquoted, I’m just saying he’s not one of my favorites. The core audience that I deal with won’t care either way, you know what I’m saying.” (Hip Hop Wired)

Drake previously addressed his ability to garner a large female following with his music.

“Even when I cater to women, men benefit from it,” Drake told DJ Whoo Kid in a July 2009 interview. “I’m catering to everybody and the greatest thing about it, doing the music that I’m doing, I just speak about myself but some real hood dudes have come up to me like ‘I feel that because you’re being honest and you’re not stepping out of your realm.'” (Radio Planet TV)

Last January, Slay explained why Drake missed out on an opportunity to appear on his More Than Just A DJ album.

“I had the record and what happened was the people at the record label was giving a hard time for clearing it,” Slay explained in an interview. “But they didn’t know that Baby cleared the record…[then] it was too late, I had already turned the record in. So shout-out to him, I don’t have no hard feelings. Baby gave me the record, it was the d*ckheads at the record label, with the business affairs that were acting silly — but they ain’t tell me that because they didn’t believe it was gonna happen so by the time I got on it, it was a little too late. So you know, it is what it is.” (Champ Mag)

Slay also said Drake’s summer knee injury limited his chances to be featured on multiple records.

“I was trying to get him and Busta [Rhymes] on [a] joint,” Slay revealed in an interview. “[But] what happened, [Drake] was so heavy on the road and moving around, and then he hurt his leg. And so it was getting down to crunch time [to complete my album], so his peoples – Gee [Roberson] and them was like, ‘Yo, well look, this record [that] just leaked [‘The Winner’], we don’t know how it leaked, but would you mind taking this [for your album]?’ I’m not gonna be stupid and not take the record knowing that I might not catch [Drake] because of his situation. So I was like, ‘H*ll yeah I’ll take that record.’ And people liked it and was spinning it already, so I’m like, ‘H*ll yeah.'” (Hip Hop DX)

Check out DJ Kay Slay speaking on Drake below:

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