DJ Jazzy Jeff Concert Dispute Footage Emerges Online, “They Freaked The F*ck Out” [Video]

DJ Jazzy Jeff Concert Dispute Footage Emerges Online, “They Freaked The F*ck Out” [Video]

Days after reportedly being kicked out of a Kansas City concert venue for playing hip-hop music, footage from DJ Jazzy Jeff‘s venue walk-off has emerged online.

DJ Z-Trip, who played his set prior to the dispute, discussed what went down at the Bacardi B-Live tour event Saturday (June 6) night.

“The owner or somebody who was in the top command was like ‘Hey man, no rap music,'” Z-Trip recounted. “So, when I did my set, I tried my hardest to curve in and out of it. You don’t want any rap, okay, I can dance around it. I still played ‘Simon Says’ and a couple of other tunes because I had no choice, they’re tunes I needed to rock…But Jeff came in and just hit it with his set. He was banging out the hits, Lil Wayne, dead prez, T.I., and apparently they freaked the f*ck out. And they were like ‘They can’t have that rapper on stage, this is too much rap.'” (Fader TV)

However, the venue has said it requested for the music to be turned down.

“His management was instructed on four occasions to turn the music down,” said Power & Light District president Jon Stephens in a statement. “The system was maxed out and it would have damaged the equipment.” (Associated Press)

Jeff has since released a statement through his publicist regarding the event.

“At no point during Jazzy Jeff’s very brief set was he or his road manager told that there were any technical or sound problems.” The statement said the party continued with other artists performing, showing the problem was never about the sound but solely about Jazzy Jeff’s music. (Kansas City Star)

The incident took place Saturday evening in Missouri.

DJ Jazzy Jeff stormed off the stage during a weekend performance in downtown Kansas City, saying venue managers did not like the type of music he was playing. But officials with the Power & Light District, which is owned by the Baltimore-based Cordish Co., say they just wanted the Grammy-winning DJ’s production crew to turn down the music because it was too loud for the sound system. (Baltimore Sun)

Check out footage from the event below:

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