DJ Ironik Stabbed In Robbery, Rushed To Hospital

DJ Ironik Stabbed In Robbery, Rushed To Hospital

United Kingdom’s DJ Ironik became victim to a physical attack Saturday (November 6) morning after being stabbed and rushed to a hospital in London.

Details on what went down hit the Internet early Saturday morning.

A police spokesman confirmed the attack as taking place in Haringey, London. A spokesman said motivation for the attack was thought to be robbery, and that two black men wearing hoods were involved. Items of jewelery that were taken have mostly been recovered. (OK! Magazine)

Confirmation on the incident was also made on behalf of an Ironik spokesperson.

“Ironik was attacked and stabbed in the early hours of Saturday morning during an attempted robbery whilst returning to his home in North London. He was stabbed in his upper leg, taken to hospital and is currently being treated. He is understandably shaken up by this unprovoked attack.” (OMG Music)

An associate of Ironik named Yasmin told fans he was in recovery following the reports.

His friend, a singer named Yasmin, wrote on Ironik’s Twitter soon after the attack: ‘Ironik is in hospital. Has been stabbed and in hospital but he is ok.’ Four hours later, she added: ‘I’m with DJ Ironik right now at the hospital.. Yes he has been stabbed. He is in A&E but he’s doing OK.’ (Daily Mail)

Last month, rapper Yung Berg was reportedly robbed by a London artist and Ruff Ryder‘s Drag-On escaped a failed robbery attempt.

“I just came from the motherf*cking store trying to cop a dutch, b*tch a** n*ggas trying to rob me and all that,” Drag said in a self-recorded video. “See the little bullsh*t a** chain, see my watch, my ring. N*ggas ain’t get nothing though! You see the little bullsh*t scratch, here and there, and all of that though. N*ggas tried to rob me but they ain’t get sh*t! Straight up and down. Soon as a n*gga step right up, boop, bop, bop, bop! N*ggas tried to jump on me and all that. N*ggas is p*ssy, straight up dog. One of them n*ggas tried to rob me and all that. Right now. But you know what? You n*ggas ain’t get sh*t.” (YouTube)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

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