DJ Drama Won’t Drop Lyrical Bombs, “I Can Talk A Lot Of Sh*t But I Can’t Make The Words Rhyme” [Video]

DJ Drama Won’t Drop Lyrical Bombs, “I Can Talk A Lot Of Sh*t But I Can’t Make The Words Rhyme” [Video]

Although fans may hear DJ Khaled and DJ Kay Slay rhyming on their albums, DJ Drama explains why spitting lyrical bars is just something he has not conquered, yet.

Talking with hip-hop personality Ms. Drama, Barack-O-Drama hinted at plans to possibly one-day drop a few bars on wax.

“Nah, not yet,” Drama promised. “I can talk a lot of sh*t but I just can’t make the words rhyme because if I could make it rhyme, you would have been heard me rap. I just know how to say it but, yeah. [It’s possible,] it is. I’m just proud to be a deejay. I never say never but right now I’m happy and I’m blessed at what I’m bringing to the table.” (Ms. Drama TV)

Last year, DJ Khaled talked about rhyming on his “All I Do Is Win” remix.

“I love music, [Ross] is definitely gonna be a ghost writer for me,” Khaled told DJ Envy in an interview. “I ain’t hiding it…Everybody said ‘Khaled you need to spit something one day,’ so I said you know what, it’s only right that I do it on the ‘All I Do Is Win’ remix and I waited four albums to do it. I’m not a rapper, I’m having fun. You will hear a few verses once in a blue moon, just doing my thing. Shout-out to Swizz Beatz, my brother had took it to another level. Shout-out Puff Daddy, I’m just doing what I do. I love music.” (Power 105.1)

Earlier this week, rapper Freddie Gibbs poked fun at DJ Khaled’s raps.

“I like DJ Khaled, he’s funny as f*ck. I seen him at King of Diamonds and there were b*tches all around him. That n*gga was in a Phantom. You gone get some p*ssy if you’ve got a Phantom. I can’t hate on a n*gga with a Phantom. When I seen him rap I was like “Aww….” But that doesn’t mean these n*ggas is bad people. But they ain’t gone beat my a** when they see me. It’s just criticism. It just happens to get out and then some people take offense to it.” (Complex)

In May, DJ Drama named his top five favorite rappers out right now.

“I gotta put [Rick] Ross in there, I gotta put [Lil] Wayne in there,” said Drama. “I still rep with the home team. My man [T.I.] about to come home and crush ‘em. Shout to my man [Young] Jeezy, he’s doing his thing. And I gotta put 2 Chainz in there. He’s really smashing the A and on honorary mention, shout out to the homie Future, too.” (DJ Absolut)

Check out DJ Drama’s interview below:

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