DJ Drama On Rick Ross’ Rap Takeover, “Lyrically, [He’s] By Himself Right Now”

DJ Drama On Rick Ross’ Rap Takeover, “Lyrically, [He’s] By Himself Right Now”

DJ Drama recently shared his thoughts on Rick Ross‘ lyrical growth and said the Triple C’s leader is currently in a class of his own.

Drama praised the Florida emcee’s lyrics on the underground single, B.M.F. (Blowin Money Fast).”

“The reaction in the clubs is tough!” DJ Drama said emphatically. “And it caught on fast. [The record] has a strong beat. … He touched on topics the streets adore and respect: self-made bosses. … Ross, lyrically, is by himself right now.” (MTV)

DJ Scream also agreed and explained why “B.M.F.” is a street-respected hit.

“It shuts the club down! Biggest street record this year thus far. It’s street music. It seems like a lot of artists have strayed away from or are scared to make raw and uncut street music. The people still want that type of music, though. Ross delivered. The people reacted. ‘Nuff said.” (MTV)

Last month, Diddy talked about working with Ross to expand his profile.

“Rick Ross has always been one of my favorite emcee’s since he started. We have many things in common from different styles to how we hear the music. We have a certain chemistry and friendship. It’s really organic. I think that he is a brand that should be bigger than he is now. We’ve already started being involved in his management to help make it happen for him.” (All Hip Hop)

Speaking of the success off their “Super High” collaboration, singer Ne-Yo recently told SOHH about his chemistry with Ross.

“Rick Ross is the kind of dude that you’ll see on a yacht somewhere and it’ll make total perfect sense but then again, at the same time, he’s the kind of dude that you’ll see on the block too and it’ll make total perfect sense. Not a lot of people know how to toe the line and Rick Ross is one of those kinds of dudes. And it’s been an honor and pleasure to work with him on ‘Super High’ and all the other times…I definitely dig Ross and everything we’ve done, we’re also planning on doing some stuff for the future, nothing is set in stone yet but we definitely sat down and talked about building on some other stuff, having it be something for me and having it be something for him. It seems like the world likes hearing our voices together so it ain’t a problem for us to get back in and do some stuff.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Rick Ross’ Teflon Don album is set for a July 2010 release.

Check out Rick Ross’ “B.M.F.” below:

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