DJ Drama Calls Shawnna’s DTP Exit A “Bad Move”

DJ Drama Calls Shawnna’s DTP Exit A “Bad Move”

Grand Hustle’s DJ Drama has shared his thoughts on former Disturbing Tha Peace artist Shawnna parting ways with Ludacris just months before their highly-promoted Battle of the Sexes album was scheduled to drop.

Writing via Twitter, Drama gave his insight as an outsider looking in.

“I normally keep these type of thoughts 2 myself but…#badmove …. Shawwna leavin DTP right b4 Battle of Sexes album. it was perfect setup And i know its proly some sh*t bout Shawwnna/DTP situation i dont know.. & i got mad love for shorty…just my observation.” (DJ Drama’s Twitter)

Reports last December suggested Luda would no longer use Shawanna on his album.

For those of you don’t recall, Shawnna chose to diss Luda and the DTP family for T-Pain‘s Nappy Boy imprint. While details are sketchy at the moment, not really, but I’m afraid to say too much, what is known is that instead of Luda teaming up with the Chicago-native for the co-ed inspired rap album – she’s been replaced with a plethora of young and old female MC’s. Tenatively, rappers like Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Eve and a few others are being tapped for the project, which is set to hit stores in early 2010. (Gyant Unplugged)

Speaking to a packed concert venue of fans last fall, Shawnna said her main focus was still on getting out her Battle of the Sexes joint album with Luda.

“I know y’all been hearing a lot of sh*t about what’s been going on with me and sh*t, right, right,” Shawnna told a crowd of fans. “I know y’all been hearing a lot of T-Pain rumors, ‘Shawnna ain’t f*cking with Luda no more’ and all that sh*t. I just want y’all to know that I’m still f*cking with Luda, that’s my n*gga 100 percent man. We have Battle of the Sexes coming soon and I’m signing a new deal with T-Pain right there…I’m f*cking with two real good n*ggas in the industry so I can’t help but win. But I can’t do sh*t without y’all support, you understand?” (Vimeo)

Earlier this week, Luda celebrated selling over one million digital copies of the album’s single, “How Low.”

“This marks my ten years at Def Jam, in the music industry as a successful artist and as you can tell, I’m just as hungry as when ‘What’s Your Fantasy’ came out,” Luda explained. “A lot of people were comparing this to ‘What’s Your Fantasy,’ so another ten years, we’re gonna keep going and hitting them — I’m one of those artists that likes to make everybody’s job easier and I’ll continue to do that no matter how many records I sell, no matter how much success I get, I will continue to stay the same person, a hard-working individual…” (The Life Files)

Check out recent Shawnna footage down below:

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