DJ Drama Breaks Down Lil Wayne Lawsuit, “I’ve Spoken To Baby” [Video]

DJ Drama Breaks Down Lil Wayne Lawsuit, “I’ve Spoken To Baby” [Video]

DJ Drama has revealed more details revolving around a copyright infringement lawsuit filed against him from Lil Wayne‘s record company, Cash Money, and where his relationship stands with the rap star.

Diffusing rumors of bad blood spilling due to the suit, Drama said the case was a matter of “business” and stemmed from an dispute with Cash Money co-founder Bryan “Baby” Williams.

“If anybody looks at the paperwork, they’ll see it’s just more than DJ Drama and Lil Wayne,” Drama said in an interview. “It’s other parties involved and what have you. I knew that from the top. When it broke, those guys Makin Moves Entertainment and they are deejays who were also served, they had their feelings on the situation, shout-out to them. I have no type of negative things to say about them, they went about it in a way that they felt was necessary for them…Me and Wayne have had a rocky road at times but it’s bigger than DJ Drama and Lil Wayne and that’s the thing I wanted to get across even with my first statement. I’ve spoken to Baby since then, we’ve got on the phone, with the e-mail and me and him will moved forward with the situation. Now it’s to the point there’s attorneys involved and legal matters so now it’s not as cut and dry as me and Baby saying ‘Okay cool, it’s over.’ I don’t have anything negative to say about those guys. Shout-out to Cash Money, shout-out to Wayne, Baby…It’s business. I did a lot for Lil Wayne’s career. Wayne did a lot for my career.” (Gyant Unplugged)

Drama previously spoke on neither Weezy or Baby appearing on his upcoming album Gangsta Grillz Volume 2.

“Nah, actually, in a lot of ways, [the suit will] just bring more attention to it. Somehow, some way, in the last few years I’ve found a way to live up to my name, DJ Drama; even when things seem simple, here comes another situation! But, you know, I stay in the news, so it’s not a problem…Actually, neither [Wayne or Baby] were on the album even before the situation. I mean, I have songs with them and whatnot, and we’ve worked in the past, and me and Wayne just worked on a mixtape, and I look forward to workin’ with him again. They weren’t scheduled to be on this album as-is, so that’s not a situation for me.” (DJ Booth)

Despite being named in the suit, Drama initially issued a statement which said his ties with Weezy would not be severed.

“This is not a case of Lil Wayne vs. DJ Drama,” he wrote. “Me and Wayne are good. I am confident that this matter will be resolved quickly without harming the relationships between myself, Wayne and Cash Money Records. However, due to the ongoing nature of this litigation I do not wish to make any further comments.” (Statement)

Cash Money attorney Candace Carponter confirmed the lawsuit’s authenticity and broke down its main defendants earlier this year.

She confirmed to the authenticity of the documents. Carponter clarified that the lawsuit, stemming from an ongoing case against BCD Music Group, an independent distribution company based in Texas, has not been pushed by Lil Wayne directly, but by his recording home. “BCD claimed the right to sell the music,” Carponter said, noting the contracts the company said it signed with the parties, including Drama. “So we named them in complaints and they have 30 days to answer the charges, based on when they receive the papers.” (MTV News)

While no word has been given on whether a settlement was made, an anti-Lil Wayne website called was launched shortly after the suit hit the Internet.

Check out Drama’s interview with Gyant below: Exclusive DJ Drama Talks About The Lil Wayne Lawsuit! from Gyant on Vimeo.

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