Dirty Money Member Says Diddy Hung Up The Towel: “He Didn’t Want To Do It Anymore”

Dirty Money Member Says Diddy Hung Up The Towel: “He Didn’t Want To Do It Anymore”

Dirty Money’s Dawn Richard recently discussed her run on Diddy’s Bad Boy Records and why the rap mogul’s disinterest in continuing working as a group motivated her new solo career.

According to Richard, she asked to leave Bad Boy after Puff fell back on Dirty Money.

“Well, Puff was done. He didn’t want to do it anymore, and I couldn’t sit back and wait around to see what was going to happen next. So instead of waiting, I asked could I be released from my contract, and he was gracious enough to let that happen. I gave him six years of my life, and now I’m just excited about this next phase. Like I said before, every moment up until this point was just getting me ready to step out on my own.” (Rolling Out)

Prior to splitting up, former member Kalenna hit up SOHH and discussed their chemistry.

“I just believe that we were in an embryonic state when we started Dirty Money,” Kalenna explained to SOHH. “And that’s just in a whole, because in this industry you continue to grow until you’re really old and being with Puff, it’s like we were shot up with steroids. He put us in his boot camp and it was so crazy because we knew things before but with producing the record, writing the lyrics, how to go deeper in your mind and your soul, pulling those things out and making them more vulnerable and exposed to people were all learned. I just think at this point he’s created two monsters and we’re able to go out and be with other people or be able to be seen apart and still represent who we are as Dirty Money. And I thought that was just genius, as far as our spirituality, leaning and depending on God a lot more. As a group, Dawn could be on the side of the stage and she can wink her right eye and I can wink my left and it’s so epic. We’re just so in-tune and of course with Puff, he loves the energy. He loves the Yin and the Yang. We’re real strong and vice versa.” (SOHH)

In September 2010, Diddy discussed what made up the Dirty Money brand.

“Being in Dirty Money is another level or sense of security. It’s another level of fun and enjoyment and you feel like somebody has your back. I’ve always had more success playing on a team anyway…It’s been great to be a solo artist, but some people play better on a team. I know I play my position with these girls and it’s great to be able to expose the world to the group and the future talent of the music industry. They are the future and this has been an incredible ride.” (Daily Record)

Dawn, also a former member of singing group Danity Kane, previously revealed how the group formed.

“My call with Diddy went like this: ‘So yeah, baby girl look, I feel like you…met Kalenna…I think it would be good if you would be in my group. I know how you feel about it I didn’t know how you feel about being in a group with another chick. We could do your solo project or we could do this group thing.’ It was 7 months since Danity Kane ended. I love what I’m hearing with his new music. I wanted to be part of the bigger picture.” (VIBE)

Check out some past Dirty Money footage:

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