Dipset’s Freekey Zekey Reveals Biggest Turn-Offs, “I Don’t Like Chest Hairs”

Dipset’s Freekey Zekey Reveals Biggest Turn-Offs, “I Don’t Like Chest Hairs”

Dipset’s Freekey Zekey recently opened up about his romantic lifestyle and what things are off-limits for ladies looking to catch his interest.

For Zekey, women who lack confidence fall under his radar.

“A female who feels as if she has to prove herself. For instance, if she got on an outfit and she’s worried about what people are saying about it. I don’t even want to talk to you then, you start looking like Whoopi Goldberg when she was on dope, you know what I’m saying? I can’t deal with a girl who’s worried what the world is thinking about her. I like a confident female. One who can wear open toe sandals in the snow, and have her wig kind of lopsided, but she don’t care because she going to where she has to go, and she don’t care about nobody. Plus, chest hairs. I don’t like chest hairs.” (Hip Hop DX)

As far as what Zekey finds appealing in a woman, intelligence and motivation catches his eyes.

“I would love for her to have her Master’s degree, but a ghetto mentality. She could listen to what someone’s saying and realize the bullshit from the shit that makes sense. Can’t just go for anything someone tells her. She has to have a cute face. Nice teeth. Bangin’ body. She don’t care about what nobody thinks, and she’s a go getter. The type of person that’ll wake me up at 5am because she came up with an idea on how we can make money. She got my back no matter what, even if I’m wrong or right. She’s real feisty. With 69% jealousy in her heart. And she’s a freak nasty. She won’t mind if we walk into the parking lot, and I grab her and go behind the car real quick, and we do it right before we go into the restaurant. Outside. Or she could be beating me off while we at the table. I want a girl who is with it no matter what’s going on.” (Hip Hop DX)

Last summer, Young Money’s Drake said his female fans are turn-ons for him.

“I’m actually single,” Drake told Tim Westwood in an interview. “I’m single world wide. [laughs] Everywhere, all area codes, everything…I really love women a lot man, even when I’m rapping, I just like women to hear what I’m saying. I’m talking to the world [when I rap], but I like when women come up to me and repeat my lyrics to me, not my hooks. I love when they come up and say, ‘That’s my favorite line,’ or ‘I love when you said this, it made me feel sexy.’ Even if it’s not a straight women’s line, it’s just the fact that they’re listening to what I’m saying. That gets me excited, it turns me on a little bit. Whoa. [laughs] Love, love, love, love London women.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

Around late 2009, Freeway opened up about his romantic lifestyle and what characteristics make-up a perfect woman.

“I just don’t like when a chick is too annoying,” Free described about potential girlfriends. “Too many questions, too annoying…I can’t deal with that. My perfect woman, she gotta be beautiful and understanding. She gotta be a rider, no matter what. No matter what I need her to do, she gotta be able to handle it.” (Complex)

Check out some recent Freekey Zekey footage below:

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