Dipset Record Deal Announcement “Should Be Any Day Now” [Audio]

Dipset Record Deal Announcement “Should Be Any Day Now” [Audio]

The Diplomats’ Juelz Santana has revealed that a new record deal for Dipset could be finalized as soon as today.

In an interview with New York’s Hot 97 radio station last night, Juelz also touched on reuniting with Cam’ron and Jim Jones for new Diplomat music.

“Yeah, definitely, we been in the mix doing a couple songs back and forth and we’ve been in the studio a couple times,” Juelz told radio personality Funkmaster Flex about Dipset reuniting for new music. “We just getting it together. We’re waiting for the deal to go through which should be any day now. We’re planned toward moving forward and doing it how we do it and giving the people what they have been waiting for.” (Hot 97)

In late August, rumors were circulating that Dipset would sign with Interscope Records.

Weeks after both Cam’ron and Jim Jones tweeted about a potential label deal “almost being done,” the Dipset reunion seems to be inches away from being official. A source close to the New York crew says Cam, Jimmy, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey are finalizing a label deal with Interscope Records — the former home of Cam’ron rival 50 Cent‘s G-Unit crew. Go figure. No official confirmation yet, but, we’re going to run with it. Wishful thinking! (Billboard)

Last month, Dipset’s Jim Jones asked fans to help suggest producers for their upcoming Diplomatic Immunity 3 album.

“Questions: name 5 producers u think we should get production from for this up comin diplomat album D3,” he tweeted Tuesday (August 24).

“RT @donbleek88: @jimjonescapo Swizz Beatz, Lex Luger, Arab Money, Kanye West & Chinx Santana. This is a I’ll list right here.”

“Thnk y’all very much y’all help me compile a list of 46 dope producers now bout to have @ChrisLuck83 call all of them for beats.” (Jim Jones’ Twitter)

Based on some recent new footage of Jones and Cam’ron, a Diplomat deal is, indeed, in the process of being finalized.

Cam’ron: “Dipset deal almost done. Ha ha!” Jim Jones: “Deal almost done!” Jimmy’s cackle is a bit scary, but the bright side of this very short clip is….that according to Cam’ron and Jim Jones, there may be a Dipset Reunion record deal announcement soon! Sidenote: this is an example of what not to do while driving. Talking with friends, using your phone, videotaping, and laughing hysterically. (Miss Info TV)

Check out Juelz Santana speaking on the upcoming record deal down below:

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