Diplomat Dispute: Jim Jones Vs. Freekey Zekey

Diplomat Dispute: Jim Jones Vs. Freekey Zekey

Congratulations to Shamrock, for winning last week’s Top 5 Dead or Alive crown! This week, we got Hip-hop family feuds going down! In Round 1, we watch Dipset capo Jim Jones face off with fellow Dip member Freekey Zekey. Are Jimmy’s picks truly ballin’, or will Freekey sneak in an upset? Whose list gets the props? You decide!


Poll Results

I’m going with Juelz Santana. I always told Juelz he could be greater than Jay-Z ever was. That boy is super talented. Listen to everything he’s done and what his music says.

I got Juelz Santana on my list. Juelz is up there with the greats because he has really powerful music. His music isn’t just something good; you’re not just hearing an artist rapping. You can actually get into what he’s saying. When he talks, he’s straight direct to the point. He’s shooting rappers’ foreheads off.

I gotta name Cam’ron. I think Cam is the best rapper. Period. I’ve known Cam and I’ve grown up with him. I’ve seen, lived and witnessed all the things that his music is about. So you can’t beat that at all. That’s actual and factual.

You know I have Cam’ron there. I pick Cam off of the fact that whenever he battles somebody, he just be demolishing them. Cam will not stop. Cam will hit you personally. A lot of rappers will say what they think they know, like, “You’re not getting money. You ugly.” Cam will get into your life. He’ll tell you how much you sold in your first week, he’ll tell you what you did on a Friday in 1989. He’s got an actual and factual flow. He’s so underrated.

Put Fabolous in there. Fab’s wordplay is phenomenal. You can’t take nothing away from what Fab can say on a record. He always stays with a hit on the radio. And the b*tches go crazy over him when it comes to that music. You can’t take nothing away from a man that’s got the b*tches on him like that.

I got Fabolous on there. I picked Fab because his wordplay is so crazy. On that “You Be Killin’ ‘Em” record, he uses the word, “shoe-i-cide.” He’s got some things. With him, it’s unexpected. With a lot of people, when they rhyme, you can expect the next word but when Fab rhymes, you don’t know where he’s going when he’s in the booth.

Rick Ross. He’s been blowing up, [and] his words are so crazy. You gotta look at that wordplay. He’s also got his swag together, killing everything that’s moving, shooting anything that’s moving, he’s smashing it all. What’s better than that?

I got Kanye West on there. Kanye’s just got a style that’s phenomenal. He gets at you with his music. You gotta study what he’s saying. The average rapper can’t get on his level, because you have to really study up on what Kanye’s saying.

Love the boy Lil Wayne, Weezy. Weezy’s been changing the game up for the past few years. He’s been doing it for about the last six years. Straight. Just giving n*ggas straight headaches, selling millions of records at a time.

I’d have to say Big Pun. Pun was just phenomenal. He always had a surf board when he rapped. His flow was incredible. That “Little Italy” rhyme is still one of the hardest bars even to this day. Back then, they weren’t expecting Spanish rappers to be that hot. I never understood why you would segregate him just because he’s Spanish. He’s nasty. No one in the world could say Pun was wack. I got to meet Pun and his attitude was as happy-go-lucky as his skits were. He was a big part of me doing skits.

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