Diddy’s Son Livin’ Out Daddy’s Dream, “I Deserve That Spot”

Diddy’s Son Livin’ Out Daddy’s Dream, “I Deserve That Spot”

Rap mogul Diddy’s son, Justin Combs, is reportedly catching the eyes of sports scouts across the country in hopes of recruiting his football talent to their college stadium.

According to reports, Combs is currently getting scouted by top ranked schools.

Looks like Justin Combs won’t be following in his famous father’s footsteps. Diddy’s oldest son wants to make magic on the football field, not the recording studio. Justin, 17, is being courted by several top colleges, including the University of Illinois, to play division one college football. “I talked to the coach at Illinois, and they told me that they were going to give me an offer,” Combs said to MSNBC.com today. “They seemed very excited. We talked about the academics, the football team, the campus, the life there and stuff like that just so I could know a little bit about it. I am going to go out there and see the campus soon before my season.” (BET)

Despite having Puff Daddy as a father, Combs wants to venture out and create his own legacy.

While Justin has definitely grown up with more options, due to his father’s connections and money, he says he wants to make his own name … and football is where he plans to do it, on the college field. “It is just the stuff you dream about as a kid,” Justin said. “Getting letters in the mail and having coaches call you. It is the stuff you hear about, it is actually happening… “I just want to show my hard work and how it pays off and to show that I deserve that spot and I deserve that scholarship. This why I deserve that scholarship — I am going to show you why.” (Baller Status)

The hip-hop impresario’s son has also dealt with critics claiming his scouting hype is based solely off of his famous Daddy.

Despite all of that, there are tough critics out there saying that Combs’ talents aren’t legit and that his success is tied solely to his name. He uses that doubt to motivate himself to silence those critics. “Ever since I was young, my father always told me that people were going to have something to say,” Combs explained. “At the end of the day, it is all fun and games to try to get you out of your game, but you just have to stay mentally strong and be able to play through it.” (Scout W/ Fox Sports)

Earlier this year, Diddy revealed his initial plans to become a professional football star.

“I never really had aspirations to become a recording artist, or a producer, or a music mogul or anything like that. I loved American football. So throughout grade school and high school I was pursuing a dream to become a professional American football player. My last year of high school, before you go to college, my leg got broke. I had broke my leg right before my most important season when the scouts come to see you. So I entered into a real serious state of depression. That was my dream. I didn’t plan on doing anything else. I had no ‘Plan B.'” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

Check out some footage of Justin Combs down below:

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