Diddy’s Kid Reacts To Swatting Attacks: “It’s Scary Because That’s My Home”

Diddy’s Kid Reacts To Swatting Attacks: “It’s Scary Because That’s My Home”

Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy’s stepson Quincy has stepped forward to share his thoughts on his pops making major headlines this week as one of the latest victims to a series of Hollywood “swatting” hoaxes.

Although he acknowledged the attack as scary, Puffy Jr. said he is relieved no one was actually harmed in the prank.

Quincy told our photog yesterday that he was on his way home when the swatting call went down, and his aunt gave him the play-by-play over the phone. Quincy said he found the whole thing to be pretty scary, telling our photo, “Of course it’s scary because that’s my home, that’s where I lay my head my head at night. I understand that police can’t take it light … I’m glad everyone responded safely and no one got hurt.” Since Diddy’s home was swatted on Wednesday, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and Selena Gomez all fell victim to the same prank. (TMZ)

A couple days ago, R&B diva Rihanna fell victim to the swatting craze.

Rihanna has become the latest target of a celebrity “swatting” prank. Police were sent to the singer’s home in the 900 block of Rivas Canyon Road in Pacific Palisades around 3 p.m. after a caller claimed two armed men were in the residence and someone had been shot. Authorities determined the call was bogus. Rihanna was not home at the time of the phony emergency call. (CBS Local)

Earlier in the week, celebrity hackers took credit for being behind multiple pranks.

The hackers who’ve exposed the financial secrets of dozens of celebs are now taking credit for the recent string of high-profile swatting pranks in Hollywood … including the one that just hit Diddy’s house. The hackers updated their website today, taking credit for the Diddy prank as well as the prank targeting Paris Hilton last month. Sources close to the hacker investigation tell us, the hackers are also privately taking credit for every swatting prank that took place since authorities closed in on the original alleged swatting mastermind (a 12-year-old boy from California). In addition to Diddy and Paris, we’re told the hackers are bragging about swatting Kim Kardashian, Tom Cruise, Chris Brown … and even the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (TMZ)

Other high-profile celebrities have also been pranked in recent months, including Hollywood mogul Tom Cruise.

It’s the latest so-called “swatting” prank targeting celebrities. The practice is intended to get multiple officers, including specialized SWAT teams sent to a home. Last week, Beverly Hills police responded to a fake armed robbery call at Tom Cruise’s house. Other hoax calls have been made involving the homes of Justin Bieber, Ashton Kutcher and Miley Cyrus. (ABC News)

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