Diddy’s “Hot” Girl Addresses Bathtub Incident

Diddy’s “Hot” Girl Addresses Bathtub Incident

The model who became instantly famous for her hair catching on fire at Diddy‘s Last Train to Paris party this week has addressed the infamous incident.

Diddy’s model, Miyoki Jones, explained what exactly went down and the fire’s aftermath.

Celebrity gossip and news site, TMZ.com, recently caught up with Miyoki Jones in NYC as she was exiting a Starbucks restaurant. The model told them about what happened, saying she was a paid model hired to do a party for the Diddy-Dirty Money “Last Train to Paris” album. She said there were a lot of candles around and all of a sudden her hair caught on fire. Miyoki said it was singer Trey Songz who told her that her hair was on fire. TMZ asked if Diddy called Miyoki and she said “he’s very humble, and definitely reached out after” to make sure she was alright. Obviously Diddy doesn’t want any bad publicity or even worse a lawsuit on his hands for this incident. Miyoki said all the damage to her hair is now hidden under a bun on top of her doo. She said “hopefully something good comes out of all this.” If nothing else, Miyoki Jones is getting some publicity and exposure out of this whole thing. While it seems like a laughing matter, if she gets more work out of this, she’ll be the one laughing all the way to the bank! (Gather)

Last night, Diddy also addressed the situation on the “Jimmy Kimmel” late night talk show.

He’s famously laid back. And it seems that even a model’s hair catching fire at his party didn’t phase P Diddy. And with his many millions in the bank, it’s easy to see how he made her feel better. ‘I definitely had to be nice to her,’ he joked as he talked to Jimmy Kimmel last night. Luckily despite her accident, the model wasn’t injured. ‘She was a great sport. Nobody got hurt,’ he said of model Miyoki Jones. And Diddy claims his party was so fun that even burnt Miyoki didn’t want to leave. ‘At a Diddy party, if something ain’t broke, you gotta get back in the tub’, Diddy bragged. (Daily Mail)

The incident reportedly took place last Tuesday (December 14).

Diddy is known for some crazy parties — but this one went down in flames — particularly for a model whose hair ignited. It all went down while the rapper was celebrating the release of Diddy-Dirty Money’s new album, “Last Train to Paris,” in a 2,500 square foot penthouse at the London on Tuesday — with USTREAM catching all the action. (TMZ)

The fire occurred just inches away from comedian Kevin Hart.

Things got scary when the model leaned back over a candle, and flames started shooting from her hair and out of the bathtub, on the edge of which Fabolous and Trey Songz were perched. As seen in a Ustream video of the event, the panicked beautyscreamed and dunked her head in the water. “Oh, oh, oh [bleep!]” screamed Diddy’s hype man, Kevin Hart, over the mike. “Did the camera catch that? Did the camera catch that?” “Fab was the first person to see the fire,” Hart says in the video. “We put it out as quick as we could, I can honestly say.” (New York Post)

Check out the incident’s footage below:

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