Diddy’s Girls Will Always Be Dirty, “We Gonna Be 78 [Performing]”

Diddy’s Girls Will Always Be Dirty, “We Gonna Be 78 [Performing]”

Diddy’s Dirty Money groupmates Dawn and Kaleena, have offered a glimpse into their future, predicting where their brand will rest after many years into their careers.

According to Dawn, their legacy will not end once their Last Train to Paris album drops in a couple weeks.

“Puff definitely put it out there that Dirty Money was the focal point, but he also sees a future for both of us as solo artists,” Dawn tells Rap-Up.com. “This is what we created for ourselves and I think we’ll be proud of each other after we go on and do the things we do.” But although they may eventually go their separate ways, they will always remain Dirty Money. “I think that’s why people should really get excited for this movement because it’s definitely planned to be going on way after this first album,” says the former Danity Kane member. “I think we kiddin’ ourselves when we think it’s just one. It’s gonna be like 12 Dirty Money joints. We gonna be 78 in Vegas.” (Rap-Up)

Last summer, Kaleena discussed her Dirty Money experiences, including witnessing Diddy’s multiple personalities firsthand.

“The crazy thing for me I have yet to understand what’s really going on I’m so caught up in my craft; I have these blinders on that I forget who I am. I forget that I’m Kalenna in Dirty Money. Puff has had a lot of his personal biz out there but there are still some things that he holds dear. There is a fine line but there is a balance that we keep. Certain things that are kept behind closed doors. Puff isn’t always Diddy. Sometimes he’s Sean. It’s a fine line and a learning lesson. This whole process has been a sped up version of college…Dirty Money is something I wanted to be a life long thing.” (VIBE)

In October, Diddy announced their delayed album’s official release date.

“What’s up y’all,” Diddy said in a video. “It’s your boy. I’m about to start doing a lot of Diddy blogging. Last Train to Paris coming out December 14th. December 14th. December 14th. I’m just trying to show off my sh*t, yeah. Check it out, we here, at the video shoot for this joint called ‘Loving You No More,’ Rodney Jerkins produced it. This is how we kick it, super fly n*gga sh*t.” (P Twitty TV)

The day prior to Diddy’s November 4th birthday, Dirty Money talked to SOHH about surprising their boss/groupmate.

“Hhmm, we got a couple of surprises for him,” Dirty Money told SOHH. “We always comes through for him, he never expects us to do anything because he’s always busy. But we always come through and give him something dope. I don’t know what it’ll be, maybe money bags or something but we will definitely figure it out when we go [and see him.] [laughs].” (SOHH)

Check out some past footage of Dawn down below:

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