Diddy’s “Get Him To The Greek” Co-Star Says Puff Will “Shock” Audiences

Diddy’s “Get Him To The Greek” Co-Star Says Puff Will “Shock” Audiences

Rapper/Actor Diddy‘s Get Him to the Greek co-star Jonah Hill has revealed details about the rap mogul’s role in the new film.

According to the Superbad star, Puffy’s character is unpredictable.

“I think Diddy’s going to really shock people,” Hill told MTV News at South by Southwest in Austin. “We were saying Diddy’s kind of the McLovin of ‘Get Him to the Greek.’ You don’t know what he’s going to do. Every time he breathes in the movie, it garners a huge laugh.” (MTV)

Movie producer Judd Apatow previously talked about Diddy earning a role in the film.

“Me and Sean have a lot in common,” he said in an interview. “We don’t know what it is, but we know that there’s a connection there. There’s a chemistry, but we don’t know what to do with it yet. We don’t know [if it’s sexual.] We don’t want to rule anything out. Well, we talked about the movie, because we’re about to start shooting, and he has a really funny part in the movie. It’s hilarious. He’s playing the owner of a record company. And he’s funny enough that it’s bothersome. You want to feel like you’re better than Diddy at something, but then he’s super funny, you’re like, ‘Okay, he defeats me in all areas of life.’…I’m glad he [appears] nervous. Because I want to dominate him somehow. But I think he’ll be nervous for about five minutes and then he’ll be great.” (NY Mag)

The movie will also place Puff around comedians like Russell Brand.

The movie centers on Russell Brand’s outrageous character from Marshall, the out-of-control British rock star “Aldous Snow,” and “Aaron,” a music-company intern, who must accompany “Snow” to a concert at L.A.’s Greek Theater. Elisabeth Moss is set to play “Daphne Binks,” Aaron’s girlfriend, while Rose Byrne will be a promiscuous pop musician named “Jackie Q,” who may perform a duet with Snow. Combs has been cast as “Sergio,” the head of the entertainment company for which Jonah Hill’s character works. (Hollywood Insider)

Aside from movies, the rapper is currently putting together a new album.

“Daddy’s home baby! I’m here playing Last Train to Paris for theInterscope staff,” Diddy told radio host Tim Westwood. “The US release date is June 22nd. So I’m letting you know, it’s breaking news right here. Letting the world know, June 22nd. Why is it June 22nd? Because we want to set it up the right way. We wanna take our time, drop two more singles, drop a bunch of videos…” (Tim Westwood TV)

Get Him to the Greek is slated to arrive in theaters this summer.

Check out the movie’s trailer down below:

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