Diddy Unveils Biggie Blog Confessions, “He Wasn’t Supposed To Be In L.A.”

Diddy Unveils Biggie Blog Confessions, “He Wasn’t Supposed To Be In L.A.”

Hip-Hop mogul Diddy has unveiled Biggie Smalls-based confession segments for the days leading up to today’s Notorious release.

The Bad Boy CEO promised to reveal shocking and unreleased information.

“The whole concept of this blog is that I’mma tell y’all things that you don’t know about the whole Biggie situation in honor of the movie coming out. I’m gonna reveal some things that are not in the movie, I’m gonna tell you some feelings that you don’t know I’m having now, some feelings I’ve had and it’s gonna be cut up in different parts.” (Diddy Confessional Part 1)

Diddy disclosed unknown circumstances around Biggie’s death in California.

“The day that Biggie was killed, he wasn’t supposed to be in L.A. That morning, I got a call from Biggie,” Diddy said. “He was supposed to go to London, he called me and said he wasn’t going to London. He said ‘I just finished my album and I wanna hang out with you tonight, I just wanna celebrate with you — we haven’t hung out in a long time, can we all just hang out together, the whole crew. Bad Boy, Junior Mafia.” (Diddy Confessional Part 2)

He also detailed Biggie’s relationship with Tupac Shakur.

“When these cats hit it off — you could not separate these two. Like the energy they had together, it wasn’t nobody trying to be gangster or thug. I witnessed it. It was just so much love, admiration,” Diddy explained. “When the whole East, West thing started, it caught us off guard and it broke my man’s heart — he did not make “Who Shot Ya” about Tupac. That freestyle was done a long, long time ago.” (Diddy Confessional Part 3)

Diddy also says the movie Notorious has the potential to win big at awards shows.

“It deserves to be honored at the Academy Awards. I’ve seen everything that was honored this year. From The Wrestler to Slumdog Millionaire. This joint right here, to me, is greater than those, I’m not gonna lie,” Diddy said. “It’s a whole year from now, but remember this movie. It would be a tragedy if you don’t get this movie some jewelery and respect.” (Diddy Confessional Part 4)

Notorious hit theaters nationwide today (January 16).

Check out video of Diddy Blog below:

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