Diddy Takes Unusual Approach With New Blog, “I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This” [Video]

Diddy Takes Unusual Approach With New Blog, “I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This” [Video]

Rap mogul Diddy has announced plans to launch a new website called “DiddyBlog.com” Monday (June 21) morning with an emphasis on showcasing love and motivation.

The Bad Boy Records CEO also promised to not promote any of his own projects on the site.

“The blog is an all 100 percent positive blog,” Diddy said in a video. “It’s about inspiring you, motivating you, empowering your dreams. It’s not about any news about who’s dating who, who’s not doing good, who got exposed today, who’s this, who’s that, you can go to the other sites for that. It’s about motivation and inspiration and love — the love movement has begun. Even haters are allowed to come to DiddyBlog.com. It makes your teeth whiter. We want all of your advice, your constructive criticism, your positive notes because we want to make DiddyBlog the best it can be and we want you guys to give us the time to make it the best it can be. Can you imagine that I will not be selling CIROC on there? I will not be selling Sean John, I will not be talking about my movies or television shows. I can’t believe I’m saying this but yeah, I’m saying it. No Diddy promotions. It’s all about the love. I love you guys, DiddyBlog.com.” (YouTube)

Last February, Diddy talked about finding positivity in his life.

“Yeah, I mean, it’s just a point in my life, being in the industry, I have nothing but good things to say to people,” Diddy explained in an interview with radio personality Tim Westwood. “I have nothing but positive energy to give, I don’t care if you like me, you don’t like me. I love you and I’mma keep doing my thing. Hopefully you’ll get it one day but I’ve been blessed to have a lot of fans and a lot of people love me and I just want my injection to be what I feel is great about people. I wanna inspire people — I don’t wanna bring them down. I don’t wanna talk about no BS. I don’t have no time for none of that. I wanna uplift us.” (Tim Westwood TV)

During the promotion of his film Get Him to the Greek, Diddy talked about reaching maturity in his rap image.

“I think this role will definitely be a revelation to people,” Diddy said referring to his role as a record label executive in the film. “People have this perception of me – which is my fault – of maybe a rapper or Champagne-sipping and Hamptons and white fur and just cliche type of things that are just kind of old and dated and corny, which isn’t how I am today, you know? That was just part of my image for a second. It wasn’t who Sean is. You evolve – like, I need to retire my diamond necklace and fur jacket now. Things change. Times change.” (Kansas City)

The rap mogul is currently putting together his upcoming Last Train to Paris album.

“On Last Train to Paris, Wayne is on the album, Drake is on the album, we’re trying to get [Jay-Z] on the album, trying to get Janelle Monae on the album,” Diddy said in an interview. “Everybody that’s on the album, it’s not done in a regular appearance way. It’s done in a unique way that’s authentic. It’s not about a single or [album sales]. It doesn’t have that behind it. Wayne is on a record that’s called ‘Strobe Lights.’ It’s one of the first records where I hear him talking about love and how love has affected him. That’s the type of things I wanted to get out of people if they were on the album. I wanted people to get out of their comfortzone and do something that was special. He did the videofor me over the weekend. ‘Strobe Lights,’ it’s gonna be tough.” (MTV)

DiddyBlog.com is set to launch Monday, June 21 at 7 AM EST

Check out Diddy speaking on his new blog below:

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