Diddy Sued Over “Unforgivable” Design, Artist Seeks Full Profits

Diddy Sued Over “Unforgivable” Design, Artist Seeks Full Profits

Hip-Hop mogul Diddy has been sued for allegedly stealing the design for his successful fragrance line Unforgivable.

The Bad Boy CEO is being accused of copying the bottles’ style from a renowned artist.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday (January 28) in US District Court, Tom Patti claimed the cologne’s packaging – the bottle fits inside a stylish ridged plastic cradle – is a rip-off of two copyrighted tabletop glass sculptures he created in the early 1980s called “Compacted Gray With Clear and Ribs” and “Modulated Solar Airframe.” He is seeking a halt to the use of the design and wants all profits traceable to the alleged copyright infringement. (Boston Globe)

Patti is known for his famous glass sculptures.

He has been blind in one eye since childhood, which has contributed to his interest in perception. His fascination with art and science is expressed in glass by creating spatial voids and depth to manipulate scale and perception. Patti works glass in an inventive and distinctive manner to create exquisitely precise vessel-oriented forms. Despite their small size, Patti’s sculptures have a commanding presence. (Ask Art)

Diddy’s Unforgivable brand’s success has led to additional products.

Created by Sean “Diddy” Combs, Unforgivable was launched nationally in early February of 2006. The dramatic success of Unforgivable was followed up by Unforgivable Sensual Body Spray and now with the limited collector’s edition, Unforgivable Multi Platinum. Unforgivable Multi Platinum is the ultimate expression of classic fragrance craftsmanship with a modern point of view. (Press Release)

Diddy’s rep was unavailable for comment at press time.

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