Diddy Sparks New Dance Craze, Ciara Refused To Go Gay, Chief Keef’s Newest Beef?

Frenzy Friday. Everything’s scattered to get the day started, so why not begin with Diddy teaching the world a new dance move? The new Harlem Shake 2.0? Speaking of moving and shaking, it seems Ciara is running into some trouble after ditching a gay bar event? He might not be old enough to legally drink, but Chief Keef is finding himself in plenty of grown-up situations, including a new beef in Washington, DC? All this coming up in SOHH Whatcha Think.

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1. Do The Diddy Dance

Has Diddy ever not had a genius marketing plan on deck aside from the Vote or Die campaign? It seems like he’s up to his usual antics and started a new dance movement called the #DiddyJetDance. There’s way too much explanation needed for this, so Rap-Up has the scoop:

First he brought us the Harlem Shake, and now Diddy is hoping to start a new dance craze with the #DiddyJetDance. In an iPhone-shot video released online, the jet-setting mogul introduces us to the newest sensation that’s sweeping tarmacs across the nation. He sets up an iPod speaker on the floor of the runway and begins to dance to Problem’s “Like Whaaat.” While looking fly in a blue suit, he slides, shuffles, and spins while the airport staff looks on. He makes his way up the stairs and onto his private plane, where the party continues (Look for a cameo from his bad girl Cassie). “When you’re living THIS high, you can’t be afraid of heights!! Learn how to FLY with me!!” tweeted the Bad Boy boss. (Rap-Up)

Could this be legit? Diddy is widely known for being a jokester and yet it shouldn’t be long before tons of kids start making YouTube clips trying to emulate the dance. Are you going to be #DiddyJetDancing this weekend? #SOHHWhatchaThink?

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