Diddy & Soulja Boy’s Competition In The Online Hip-Hop Awards Sound Off


The finalists for the 2008 Online Hip-Hop Awards (OHHA) have been announced.  SOHH spoke with two of the nominees, Itsthereal.com and illdoctrine.com about competing with Diddy and Soulja Boy for the “Vlog of the Year Award.”

Eric and Jeff Rosenthal gained an immediate following when they released their first sketch video, a surprise retirement party for G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks, last year.  Since then, the brothers have been churning out a new installment of their hip-hop commentary every Monday on their website, Itsthereal.com.

They’ve even had artists like Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz, Joe Budden, Joel Ortiz, 88 Keys, Bilal and Charles Hamilton make guest appearances in their videos.

“We’re just two guys who like to make videos that we laugh at and we think are really smart and make a point,” Eric told SOHH.  “For all of this to happen is such a bizarre twist in our story.  It really really is just such a trip.  It’s wild.”

Now the brothers, who are originally from White Plains, NY, find themselves battling it out with Diddy, Soulja Boy, Danity Kane’s Dawn and Jay Smooth‘s IllDoctrine.com for “Vlog of The Year.”

Eric told SOHH that they are thrilled to be up for an Online Hip-Hop Award against the other nominees.  “We watch Diddy’s blog.  We think he’s funny.  Soulja Boy… not so much and Dawn we didn’t know that she had a video blog,” Eric said as he sized up the competition.

But the brothers do have an appreciation for Jay Smooth.  “We know Jay Smooth.  We think his stuff is fantastic.  He’s a real talent he’s super smart and very funny and we’re honored to be in the same category as him.”

In his hip-hop video blog, Smooth tackles a wide variety of topics, from voting to hipster rappers.

“I spend a lot of time sitting at home yelling at my TV screen like a crazy person,” he told SOHH.com.  “So one day I thought hey, why don’t I record myself yelling at the TV, then maybe I can be one of those famous crazy people instead of just a regular crazy person.”

So far, Jay’s video commentary has earned him a blogging gig on XXL magazine’s website and a starring role in Nas’ video for “Sly Fox.”  Still, Jay told SOHH that he is confused to see his name next to the other “actual famous people” in the Vlog of The Year category.

“Even though I don’t like his music Soulja Boy really is a pioneer when it comes to using YouTube to build an audience.” Jay said.  “But I need this more, because I’m broke! Vote me in, then if Diddy really wants it he can buy it from me on Ebay.”

To vote for your favorite video blog amongst a slew of other categories, visit the Online Hip-Hop Awards official website here.

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