Diddy Says Jay Electronica Is An “Endangered” Emcee, “He Represents Real Hip-Hop”

Diddy Says Jay Electronica Is An “Endangered” Emcee, “He Represents Real Hip-Hop”

Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy recently talked about what draws him to rap newcomer Jay Electronica and why his relationship with Rick Ross is deeper than rap.

From Puff’s perspective, Jay Elect provides some of the realest hip-hop in today’s rap game.

“Jay Electronica is one of Hip-Hop’s dopest emcee’s,” Diddy said in an interview. “He represents Real Hip-Hop, which is like an endangered species right now; as far as that gutter gutter (sound). And Rick Ross has always been one of my favorite emcee’s since he started. We have many things in common from different styles to how we hear the music. We have a certain chemistry and friendship. It’s really organic. I think that he is a brand that should be bigger than he is now. We’ve already started being involved in his management to help make it happen for him.” (All Hip Hop)

Earlier this month, Jay denied being managed by Diddy.

“Puff is my man,” Jay said in an interview. Puff is going to be involved. I’ve been knowing him a while before people know who I was. I sought him out in 2004. At the moment I’m not contractually tied to anything right now. He’s not a manager. My manager is Angela Yee. Let me ask you something. On a scale of 1 to 10, how big is the news of Diddy allegedly being my manager?” (VIBE)

Jay recently spoke with SOHH about getting Diddy’s input for his new “Ghost of Christopher Wallace” track.

“I got the beat from somebody on Twitter,” he told SOHH. “I was accepting beats over ichat and that was one of the tracks I got from a producer. Quincy Tones was his name and I called up Puff just to get some feedback on it. He was like ‘Yo, it’s crazy, let’s go.’ So we went to the studio and did it. I was really just trying to invoke the energy of Big on it so that’s why we call it the ‘Ghost of Christopher Wallace.’ I don’t know [if it’ll end up on a project]. It was just a song. I was inspired to do it when I heard the music and we just put it out. I aint really to into… I like giving. I like giving stuff away.” (SOHH)

Rick Ross has also credited Diddy for helping him in decision making.

“It was the even bigger and better things that are on the horizon, which continue to present themselves every day — things I never considered up to this point. Book deals, now we’re considering liquor endorsements, clothing lines, films, books. Me and F. Gary Gray [who directed Ross’ “Super High” video] are talking about doing some things. I just wanna make sure I make the right decisions when those opportunities present themselves…We went through so many records. Just to hear [Diddy’s] input down to the smallest things, you know: percussions and snares and the production of the production. That’s what I want. That’s what I respect.” (MTV)

Check out some recent Diddy footage below:

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