Diddy Officially Makes Red Cafe A Bad Boy, “His Raw Talent Brings A New Sound”

Diddy Officially Makes Red Cafe A Bad Boy, “His Raw Talent Brings A New Sound”

Rap mogul Diddy has officially signed Red Cafe to Bad Boy/Interscope Records after more than a year of speculation.

According to a press release, the New York rapper’s deal has been finalized.

Red October will be co-executive produced by Diddy and Akon. “I’m so excited. I’ve got the best of both worlds,” stated Red Cafe. “Diddy representing the streets and Akon bringing a worldly perspective to the project.” (Press Release)

Diddy has also confirmed his decision to make Red a part of his Bad Boy family.

“Today, I can officially announce the signing of Red Cafe to the Bad Boy/Interscope family. Red’s lyrical skill and passion is unique,” says Sean “Diddy” Combs. “Red’s raw talent brings a new sound and fresh perspective from the streets. I look forward to him sharing his talent with the world.” (PR Newswire)

Last August, Puff revealed what features impressed him the most.

“He’s a well-respected lyricist and emcee in the whole New York hip-hop scene,” Diddy said in an interview. “But he’s not the average New York rapper. He has something special. That’s why we signed him…We thought it would be a great idea to collaborate, to put our forces together, to ensure the success of Red’s career…He’s been hustling on the scene for, like, seven years now. Maybe longer than that. He’s just now coming into his own. It’s a 50/50 split. It’s no secret to the deal. That’s the best way to do partnerships with your friends and family. Hopefully, we can join our forces together and take Red to the place he needs to be taken to.” (MTV)

Rumors began to spread on the Internet last year with reports of Red quietly joining Bad Boy.

D*mn. I just asked what other label Red Cafe could sign to, after being signed to so many other labels. Well that answer came the other day when it quickly began to circulate amongst the online community that Red Cafe got signed to Bad Boy. I would say a prayer for Red Cafe, but it seems–according to what Diddy says–that he’s been letting people out of their contracts if things don’t work out. Wow. Coming from someone who traps artists and engulfs a large percentage of everything they (manage to) do—with his permission? Guess things are finally changing. (SOHH NYC)

Check out a past Red Cafe interview down below:

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