Diddy Loves Getting Dirty Money

Diddy Loves Getting Dirty Money

Bad Boy Records’ CEO Diddy recently opened up about his role in Dirty Money, a collective featuring himself and two R&B singers, and why he prefers working in a group rather than being a solo act.

For Diddy, he feels groupmates Kaleena and Dawn represent the future of music.

“Being in Dirty Money is another level or sense of security. It’s another level of fun and enjoyment and you feel like somebody has your back. I’ve always had more success playing on a team anyway…It’s been great to be a solo artist, but some people play better on a team. I know I play my position with these girls and it’s great to be able to expose the world to the group and the future talent of the music industry. They are the future and this has been an incredible ride.” (Daily Record)

Last July, Kaleena said she has learned that Diddy has multiple personalities.

“The crazy thing for me I have yet to understand what’s really going on I’m so caught up in my craft; I have these blinders on that I forget who I am. I forget that I’m Kalenna in Dirty Money. Puff has had a lot of his personal biz out there but there are still some things that he holds dear. There is a fine line but there is a balance that we keep. Certain things that are kept behind closed doors. Puff isn’t always Diddy. Sometimes he’s Sean. It’s a fine line and a learning lesson. This whole process has been a sped up version of college…Dirty Money is something I wanted to be a life long thing.” (VIBE)

Dawn, former “Making the Band” participant, previously revealed how the group came together.

“My call with Diddy went like this: ‘So yeah, baby girl look, I feel like you…met Kalenna…I think it would be good if you would be in my group. I know how you feel about it I didn’t know how you feel about being in a group with another chick. We could do your solo project or we could do this group thing.’ It was 7 months since Danity Kane ended. I love what I’m hearing with his new music. I wanted to be part of the bigger picture.” (VIBE)

In April 2009, Dawn talked with SOHH about the group’s focus.

“It’s not a solo project. I’m in a group called, Dirty Money. It’s another girl and Puff and me,” Dawn revealed. “Her name is Kaleena. She’s a writer. She’s amazing. She’s wrote for every person you could ever imagine and now he’s giving her the opportunity. It’s not a background [situation] where it’s two girls in the back. We’re singing on all the joints. It’s very different then what you’re used to. It’s a different thing. You’re going to be proud of it.” (SOHH)

Check Dirty Money’s “Hello, Good Morning” music video down below:

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