Diddy & Lil Wayne Get Warned, “I’m Gonna Have Their Miami Cards Revoked”

Diddy & Lil Wayne Get Warned, “I’m Gonna Have Their Miami Cards Revoked”

Never afraid to share his thoughts with the public, rap veteran Uncle Luke has issued warnings to Diddy, Lil Wayne and other popular hip-hop entertainers for not showing love back to his Miami hometown.

Via his Miami New Times blog this week, Luke shared his stance toward a few select rap stars.

“I’ve got a message for Lil Wayne, his Cash Money Brothers, DJ Khaled, Puff Daddy and all the rappers from other parts of the country who now live in Miami,” he wrote October 4th. “I’m tired of seeing these cats using up our beaches, soaking up our sunshine, taking over the nightclubs, and sleeping with our women without investing anything into the community. I want to know when Lil Wayne is going to do more than show up courtside at the American Airlines Arena. H*ll, it’s not like he paid for them anyway. You know he got comped. This free loading and mooching of my city has got to stop. There used to be a day when out of town rappers were scared to throw their weight around Miami. It didn’t matter if they were coming from New York or Los Angeles, they knew better than to act like they owned this mother f*cker.” (Miami New Times)

Luke also issued a deadline for when they had to show love back to M.I.A.

“I’m giving them a deadline. They got until January 1. If I don’t see them giving back to the Magic City, I’m gonna have their Miami cards revoked. They won’t be getting into any more nightclubs. They won’t be able to go near our women. And Lil Wayne is gonna have to find floor seats for New Orleans Hornets home games because he won’t be allowed inside the Triple A.” (Miami New Times)

In March, Terror Squad leader Fat Joe talked about the backlash he received for moving down to Miami.

“Well, me, it was all about unity to me,” Fat Joe said about making a name for himself in Miami, Florida. “But yeah, you got guys, I caught a major backlash back home because, you know, they’re like, ‘This guy’s like one of the Mount Rushmore faces of New York and he just went out there and started rocking with all them and all that.’ But with me — I don’t care where you’re from, whether you’re from Miami, L.A., overseas. If you’re talented and like my man says, if you got that good vibe, I’m rocking with you.” (“NBC Nitecap”)

A couple years ago, Miami’s Trick Daddy opened up about his city’s dominance.

“Miami’s taking over,” Trick said in an interview. “‘Cause all the award shows are coming from Miami, all the tv shows coming to Miami, all the movies being shot in Miami, all the videos been shot in Miami. All the producers, everybody who got a million dollars or better got through to stand Miami so that’s what it’s about. So that’s what this is. They gotta respect that. If they can’t get to our hood, they can’t come out to the corner and hang with us.” (MTV)

Check out some recent Uncle Luke footage below:

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