Diddy Kicks Off “P.Twitty TV” Series, “We Doing Something Nobody’s Doing” [Video]

Diddy Kicks Off “P.Twitty TV” Series, “We Doing Something Nobody’s Doing” [Video]

Diddy has added a twist for his Twitter followers with the launch of “P. Twitty TV” offering fans an exclusive look into his everyday life.

Displaying his non-stop work ethic, the Bad Boy CEO has now tossed a video aspect to his Twitter posts.

By launching “P. Twitty TV,” Diddy has created an unprecedented personal social networking experience with his Twitter followers, giving them a nearly real-time view of his daily happenings. Every thirty minutes during the video blog’s first hours, Diddy directed his Twitter followers to “P. Twitty TV” to see candid moments. (Press Release)

Diddy’s first “P. Twitty TV” episode aired Thursday (March 5) morning.

What’s up to everyone, shout-out to your boy ‘I Am Diddy’ on the Twitter,” Puff says in the video. “Y’all have logged on to me, following me. Thanks to all of my followers with the positive energy. This is just a night in the studio with your boy Diddy. So if you’re grinding, getting ready for tomorrow, we just doing something special. We doing something nobody’s doing on Twitter, that nobody’s doing online. Y’all seeing behind the scenes. (P. Twitty TV)

Diddy has used his Twitter account to navigate his followers to exclusive content.

“Thanks for tuning in At 6am when you wake up P Twitty episode 5 will be up for your viewing pleasure,” Diddy wrote unmodified. “It’s called ‘What’s better KFC vs Popeyes…Fyi I lost 8 pounds! On my way to my Last Train To Paris body. I’m hungry lol.” (Diddy’s Twitter)

The rap mogul is known for raising the bar within urban entertainment.

In recent years, Diddy has added Broadway and film actor, marathon runner, spirits developer, and fragrance producer to his ever-growing list of accomplishments. Having sold 75 million records worldwide, Diddy has left an indelible mark on pop culture. (Press Release)

Check out Diddy’s first “P. Twitty” episode below:

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