Diddy, Kanye, Usher & Others React To Obama Win


Diddy, Usher, Russell Simmons and Ludacris are among the superstars in the hip-hop and R&B community who have wasted no time voicing their reactions to the United States’ new president-elect Barack Obama.

Speaking on the impact his vote may have had on giving Obama the advantage over Republican presidential candidate John McCain, the Bad Boy CEO reflected on his belief in every person’s value in deciding the new president.

“I felt like my vote was the vote that put him into office,” Diddy told ABC News. “It was down to one vote, and that was going to be my vote. And that may not be true, but that’s how much power it felt like I had.”

Usher appeared nearly speechless after realizing Obama had done what most believed to be the impossible.

“Man, this is incredible,” Usher explained to Access Hollywood. “It’s so incredible to see that this historical thing has happened, man. Before it was a thought of what happens if he doesn’t win. The public service that went into this and the encouragement that came out of it, it’s just incredible to see it happen.”

Simmons also expressed his amazement in the unforgettable win and realized the strength youth voters had in electing Obama.

“The vision of the hip-hop generation and its young people is in full and glorious effect,” the hip-hop mogul wrote in a statement. “While many older Americans, who marched and struggled so hard so Senator Obama could run for president of the United States never dared to believe in his candidacy’s real potential, young people, particularly the hip-hop community, had faith and their imagination became our reality.”

Ludacris, who caught a bit of heat during the democratic primaries for a controversial statement he made about Hillary Clinton on a mixtape, has also taken in the excitement.

“Look at what happens when people come together for a common goal,” Luda wrote in a statement. “I am proud to be alive to witness this and I’m relishing in the moment, but we’ve only just begun….”

Avoiding media outlets, Kanye West resorted to his personal blog to display his exuberance writing “HI MOM, OBAMA WON!” to his mother who passed away in November of 2007.

Former TLC member Chilli told SOHH she couldn’t hold the tears down. “I can’t stop crying,” she said. “Everytime I think about it, it brings me to tears. As people of color we are used to working hard and not always getting recognition for our work. But to see hard work pay off and a black man to really be judged by his character and the hard work he has put in is truly a blessing. It makes me so proud.”

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike believes hip-hop played a major role in Obama’s win. “Thank all of hip-hop for making this day possible,” he told SOHH. “Because of you I can say like the Brother Jeezy “My President is Black” and his name is Barack Hussein Obama!!!

Offering an outsider’s perspective on Obama’s win, British R&B singer Estelle hit up SOHH unveiling her joy for US citizens.

“I am estatic,” she said. “I just got the news as I was arriving in London. I’m so proud of the Americans for making that change happen!!! Let’s go towards a great new future!!!!”

Obama has become the 44th president of the United States and will be sworn into office alongside running mate Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday, January 20, 2009.

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