Diddy Injury Unable To Sideline Superstar


After images have appeared all over the net of him in an arm sling, Diddy has come clean about was behind his mysterious injury along with some behind-the-scenes commentary on his new Frank Sinatra-themed CIROC vodka commercial.

According to People, the Bad Boy president received surgery last week for his right rotator cuff – the group of muscles and tendons that work together to stabilize your shoulder – hence the new fashion statement.
Despite the operation, Diddy has kept busy as of lately filming commercials for CIROC. Paying homage to the late Rat Pack leader in the 15 and 30 second ads, Diddy insists Sinatra would have enjoyed similar hobbies in today’s times.
“I love showing people a good time, throwing parties and seeing people have fun. That’s me,” Diddy told People. “And Frank was the same. He loved entertaining.”
The entrepreneur and popular vlogger  also hinted at some of the wild actions going on during the six-hour video shoot that didn’t make the final cut.
“Somebody got naked and got into the pool,” Diddy confessed. ” Actually two people did. And one of them was me. We have that footage locked away and in a safe. I always keep cameras rolling. You never know what may happen.”

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