Diddy Helps Ashton Kutcher Make Twitter History, 1 Mil Followers & Counting

Diddy Helps Ashton Kutcher Make Twitter History, 1 Mil Followers & Counting

Hip-Hop mogul Diddy has helped actor Ashton Kutcher make Twitter history as the first person to reach over 1 million followers.

The “Punk’d” star announced his achievement late Thursday (April 16) night.

Surrounded by his wife, Demi Moore, Soleil Moon Frye and Sean “Diddy” Combs supporting him via phone, the star officially crossed the one million mark, beating out rival CNN Breaking News shortly after 11 p.m. PT on Thursday. Kutcher was in the lead for most of the day, but just before 10 p.m. local time, CNN took over the top spot, leaving the actor to Tweet about the news network’s on-air push for more followers. (MSNBC)

With nearly 600,000 followers himself, Diddy resorted to pushing his fans to help Kutcher gain more twitter followers than CNN throughout the day.

“EMERGENCY,” Diddy wrote unmodified. “The race is close. it’s imperative that a human being and not a news company reaches the 1 million mark first! Follow @Aplusk now…Ashton just neds 2,000 more to reach 1,000,000!! Let’s go people! Add him now!! Ashton reached 1,000,000!!! Congratulations @aplusk!” (Diddy’s Twitter)

Diddy recently made headlines after adding a twist to his account with the launch of “P. Twitty TV.”

By launching “P. Twitty TV,” Diddy has created an unprecedented personal social networking experience with his Twitter followers, giving them a nearly real-time view of his daily happenings. Every thirty minutes during the video blog’s first hours, Diddy directed his Twitter followers to “P. Twitty TV” to see candid moments. (Press Release)

His first episode aired Thursday (March 5) morning.

“What’s up to everyone, shout-out to your boy ‘I Am Diddy’ on the Twitter,” Puff said in the video. “Y’all have logged on to me, following me. Thanks to all of my followers with the positive energy. This is just a night in the studio with your boy Diddy. So if you’re grinding, getting ready for tomorrow, we just doing something special. We doing something nobody’s doing on Twitter, that nobody’s doing online. Y’all seeing behind the scenes. (P. Twitty TV)

Diddy’s Twitter followers currently stand at 550,930 as of today (April 17).

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