Diddy Handcuffed By “5-0″ In Hawaii

Diddy Handcuffed By “5-0″ In Hawaii

Actor/Rapper Diddy was photographed getting handcuffed by on-screen police yesterday during the filming of his upcoming appearance on television show “Hawaii Five-O.”

Photos of the rap mogul getting arrested in Hawaii hit the Internet Wednesday (March 2) evening.

Sean “Diddy” Combs has run into trouble with the law in the past, but this time it was only for TV. The rapper-turned-actor was handcuffed by actor Daniel Dae Kim while filming scenes for his guest appearance on CBS’ crime drama series “Hawaii Five-0″ in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Wednesday (March 2). The hip-hop mogul plays undercover cop Reggie Williams who heads to the tropical island to hunt down those responsible for a brutal crime against his family. According to TV Guide, he trained for the role with a real Navy SEAL and participated in weapons training. (Rap-Up)

Reports of Diddy’s participation on the television show emerged in late January.

In his first action role, the rapper and music producer will play detective Reggie Williams, who is in Honolulu on a solo mission to hunt for the men responsible for a crime against his family. His quest for justice collides with the “Five-O” team. CBS said Combs will undergo weapons instruction and training with a Navy S.E.A.L. to prepare for the role. Several of his hit songs will be featured throughout the episode, which will air sometime later this spring. (Billboard)

Reportedly, a portion of Diddy’s music catalogue will also be featured during the episode.

The network said Wednesday that several of Combs’ hit songs will be featured on the episode, slated to air this spring. Combs’ other acting credits include “Monster’s Ball” and an Emmy-nominated performance in “A Raisin in the Sun”. “Hawaii Five-O” stars Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan. It regularly airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST. (WLTX News)

Last November, Queens emcee Nas appeared as a villain in an episode of “Hawaii Five-O.”

The rapper, who once intoned “Tell Hawaii 5-0 to catch me at the Pro Bowl,” starred in the episode as the evil Gordon Smith — a computer booster that violates parole and ends up committing a string of crimes to try to stay away from the long arm of the law. The news, which probably would have remained unnoticed by most hip-hop heads, was broken by Questlove while doing a little channel flipping. “Is that Nas on Hawaii 5-0,” he tweeted to an entertained Internet. (The Boom Box)

Check out Nas’ “Hawaii Five-O” cameo down below:

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