Diddy Goes Missing On “Last Train To Paris” Album Cover

Diddy Goes Missing On “Last Train To Paris” Album Cover

The cover art to Diddy‘s upcoming Last Train to Paris album has been released on the Internet.

Diddy is noticeably missing from the cover.  Instead, random train station pedestrians are shown.

The new album cover for Dirty Money‘s “Last Train to Paris” just premiered on diddydirtymoney.com. The cover was confirmed to me on Twitter by Capricorn Clark, Global Brand & Viral Marketing Director for Sean Combs/Bad Boy. Check it out below. (Bad Boy Blog)

Producer Rico Love recently spoke with SOHH about helping co-write Diddy’s new album.

“I did a few records on the album. I was in New York, Puff flew me out. I was just in [Daddy’s House studio] vibing. I came across the beat that Danja sent me. I don’t write anything down usually the first like that I hear in my head is the keeper. I went in the booth and I heard “hello, good morning.’ It was so quick, it was so fast. It’s still unbelievable. I grew up really looking up to him. People have misconceptions about Puff [but] he kept his word. He said, ‘I’m gonna make sure you get your look.’ He called me for the video. He didn’t have to show the love that he does.” (SOHH)

According to Love, Diddy’s long-awaited solo album will be a classic.

“If he comes out and the record is not good, then y’all are gonna trash him but with the fact that he went in and he said ‘I’m gonna take my time until I’m happy with what I’m delivering to the people,’ I really take my hat off to Puff, I take my hat off to the whole Dirty Money crew — it’s tough for an artist to deal with that type of pressure,” Love said in an interview. “I think it’s gonna be one of the best albums to come out, and I’m really gonna say this, it’s gonna be one of the best albums to come out in the past five, six years. It’s gonna be mentioned with 808’s & Heartbreak and College Dropout, Blueprint III, like those types of albums I really feel like, ‘Dangerously in Love,’ I think that Last Train to Paris album has the possibility to be that big.” (Rap-Up TV)

Diddy recently said he would save space for artists on the album like singer Janelle Monae.

“On Last Train to Paris, Wayne is on the album, Drake is on the album, we’re trying to get [Jay-Z] on the album, trying to get Janelle Monae on the album,” Diddy said in an interview. “Everybody that’s on the album, it’s not done in a regular appearance way. It’s done in a unique way that’s authentic. It’s not about a single or [album sales]. It doesn’t have that behind it. Wayne is on a record that’s called ‘Strobe Lights.’ It’s one of the first records where I hear him talking about love and how love has affected him. That’s the type of things I wanted to get out of people if they were on the album. I wanted people to get out of their comfortzone and do something that was special. He did the videofor me over the weekend. ‘Strobe Lights,’ it’s gonna be tough.” (MTV)

Last Train to Paris is scheduled to drop Tuesday, June 29th.

Check out Rico Love speaking on Diddy’s new album below:

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