Diddy & Dawn Richard Get “Dirty,” Danity Kane Survivor Catches “Last Train To Paris” [Video]

Diddy & Dawn Richard Get “Dirty,” Danity Kane Survivor Catches “Last Train To Paris” [Video]

After last night’s Making The Band finale, Dawn Richard talked to SOHH about the new group that she’s formed with Diddy called Dirty Money, and her drastic new haircut.

Since Danity Kane didn’t work out, Dawn Richard has joined a new group with her boss and mentor, Sean “Diddy” Combs.

“It’s not a solo project. I’m in a group called, Dirty Money. It’s another girl and Puff and me,” Dawn revealed. “Her name is Keelena. She’s a writer. She’s amazing. She’s wrote for every person you could ever imagine and now he’s giving her the opportunity.  It’s not a background [situation] where it’s two girls in the back. We’re singing on all the joints. It’s very different then what you’re used to. It’s a different thing. You’re going to be proud of it.” (SOHH)

Earlier this year Diddy announced that his upcoming album, Last Train To Paris, would be a group project.

“It’s not me as a solo artist,” Diddy said. “It’s a group I put together; myself and two girls. Two young ladies, you may know them or you may not. It’s almost like some back-in-the-day Loose Ends-type sh–. We’re going to be telling the story of Last Train to Paris.” (MTV)

In preparation for the album’s release, Diddy suggested that Dawn get a new haircut.

“You know, that’s Puff, that ain’t a Dawn decision,” she said of her new look. “Puff is about fashion forward, moving forward in fashion and going a different way. Danity Kane was a very different journey and this is a whole new aspect on music so the transition is this. I get to live way bigger, sing bigger, have a different swagger. It’s way more fun. It’s way looser ’cause that’s Puff.” (SOHH)

Last month Diddy started production for a new show called Making His Band which will document his search for musicians to join the Last Train To Paris movement.

“I’m looking for young musicians to give them a chance…that got that Diddy, Bad Boy swag…We always see the people that want to sing get in front of the camera, but what about the guys that make us look good? The guitarists. The keyboardists. The bassists. The drummer. The background singers. The deejay.” (Diddy Blog)

Check out the exclusive video of Dawn below:

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