Diddy & Consequence Compete For “King of The Net” Title


Diddy and Consequence are just two of the nominees battling it out online to see who will emerge as the "King of The Net" in the 2008 Online Hip-Hop Awards.

To date, hip-hop fans have made over 20,000 nominations for the Online Hip-Hop Awards and many artists are starting to campaign for the top spots. In the “King of the Net” category, Bad Boy CEO Diddy sent in one of his famous video blogs announcing his run for the crown while Queens rapper Consequence has plastered his campaign banner all over the internet.

“I’ve been nominated King of the Net,” Diddy said via video. “It’s crazy. Thank you to everybody that has logged on to the Diddy blogs, Diddy Tv and my MySpace page, Diddy.com.”

In the video, Diddy urged fans to log on and vote for him while showing off his fourteen caret gold laptop, which he said is a computer fit for a king.

But Consequence isn’t so sure that Diddy should be the ruler. “I know Puff Daddy sent in a video,” the G.O.O.D. music rapper told SOHH. “I love Puff Daddy but he got like a Burger King ad, he don’t need this.”

Consequence who runs his own blog and has a video channel on Kyte TV, recalled the success that he’s had with his own internet videos in the past year.

“We had me and Jay-Z playing Connect Four that was probably the first big thing that I caught,” he recalled. “Cons TV is like, not to toot my own horn, but let the trumpets blow! This weekend we had a big weekend hitwise with Kanye debuting ‘Heartless.”

“We had the Pharrell and Preemo Busta imitations,” he added. “We had me at the Garden with Peter Rosenberg, P. Diddy saying call me Puff Daddy again. It’s just been mad dope magic moments.”

Consequence said he plans to continue using the internet to build the buzz for his upcoming album, You Win Some You Lose Some.

“Whether I win or lose we definitely gonna continue that… whether you guys give me the crown or not but it would be nice. It would be appreciated.”

It’s not too late to nominate your favorite artists, bloggers or even yourself for an Online Hip-Hop Award. State your bid here.

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