Diddy Channels Sinatra In New Ad Campaign, Reacts To Prez Debate


Paying homage to one of music’s most iconic performers of all time, Diddy offers an ode to the lifestyle of Frank Sinatra in his latest CIROC Vodka commercial.

Known for his own high style of fashion and living, the Bad Boy CEO uses both a 15 and 30 second black and white advertisement to showcase himself at one of Sinatra’s former California homes playing the role of a stylish host.

“Frank Sinatra is one of my heroes,” Diddy said in a statement. “It was truly an honor to have had the opportunity to use Sinatra’s work and home for this campaign. He defied sophisticated celebration as a lifestyle a generation ago. I couldn’t imagine a spirit more appropriate for such occasions today than CIROC, a brand that has become synonymous with celebration.”

Much like the famed singer’s own group The Rat Pack, the hip-hop star is shown pouring the grape vodka amongst his entourage.

“My friends are important to me,” Diddy added. “Whenever we celebrate, I make sure we are celebrating responsibly. I hope that anyone who enjoys CIROC and enjoys a sophisticated lifestyle does the same.”

In related news, the hip-hop mogul has finally moved past his fear of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin and has developed a strong sense of insecurity with her presidential running mate John McCain. Shown playing a video tape from Tuesday’s (October 7) presidential debate where McCain referrs to Barack Obama as “that one,” Diddy expressed concern via his latest vlog posting.

“This is 2008, not, not 1962,” he exclaimed. “He said ‘That one.’ He referred to a grown man as ‘That one.’ A man that has worked hard. That has done the impossible. Has, has fought for every amount of respect that he should deserve. Whether you agree with somebody or not, you are trying to be the president of the United States and you’re referring to another man as ‘That one.'”

Resisting bringing in the racial suggestions McCain could have been hinting at, Diddy calmly offered a warning.

“I could say something real crazy about the ‘That one’ right now, but I’m not,” he added. “I’m going to let the people decide. I wonder how the people feel about…you saying…you calling…referring to Obama as ‘That one.’

“We will see you November 4th at the polls.”

Diddy ended his blog posting promising he was on his way to the polls “right now” while offering a final message saying “Vote For ‘That One’ on November 4th.”

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