Diddy Answers Lil Kim’s Disses, “I Ain’t Gonna Make No Apologies For Working W/ Nicki Minaj” [Audio]

Diddy Answers Lil Kim’s Disses, “I Ain’t Gonna Make No Apologies For Working W/ Nicki Minaj” [Audio]

Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy has answered Lil Kim‘s recent disses toward him for aligning himself and supporting Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj.

Although he promises no love has been lost since Kim’s rants, Puff did question his ex-associate’s beef.

“I want to say I love Lil’ Kim, man,” Diddy said in an interview with BBC‘s Tim Westwood on Friday (June 11). “I’m sorry that she’s mad. I never would have thought that by me working with another artist that she would take it the wrong way. But if she’s taking it the wrong way it ain’t meant like that. Nicki never did anything to her…She ain’t trying to swagger-jack or say nothing negative about her. I just think that Kim needs to just understand that Nicki as a whole has always been respectful of her and Nicki’s not trying to be her. I ain’t gonna make no apologies for working with Nicki Minaj. [She is] somebody that’s never said anything negative about Kim and just really has always, in my eyes, has paid homage to Kim. She’s a different MC. They don’t even talk about the same thing. If you’re like a connoisseur of MCs and you a specialist — like what Kim has talked about and what Nicki talks about — they don’t talk about the same things.” (MTV)

Kim has explained her main issues with Diddy but said she still views him as family.

“Puff is my brother, I can’t disown him…he just called me after he called everybody else…brothers and sisters fight to the extreme….Puffy should be ashamed of himself, I want to spank him. When I came home from jail, there was nothing that he couldn’t ask me to do….” (Miss Info)

At a concert last week, Kim also called out Diddy during one of her raps.

Kim continued her anti-Nicki campaign at Sonar Nightclub in Baltimore last night and this time, she added her soon-to-be manager, Puff into the mix. Around the :27 mark of “It’s All About The Benjamins” performance, the Queen Bee says “Ay, Puffy should be ashamed of his f*ckin’ self!”. Kim later brought out B-More’s Keys The Problem to spit her Nicki diss freestyle. The saga continues. (Rap Radar)

Speaking in a radio interview with Kendra G, Kim said she felt Minaj had to pay homage to her.

“Here’s my thing, all females that come in the game, we all need to stick together and I always try my best to embrace them but what happens is when you come into the game and realize that I’m not going away and my fans are still here and they can’t just step over me. They can’t just step on me and then they’re kinda like, they get upset and then they don’t want to be my friend anymore and I think that’s really childish, you know what I’m saying? It’s stupid because all I ask for is to be respected — pay homage at the end of the day, a lot of things go on behind the scenes that people don’t know about and it will be aired out. You can’t hide the truth — when I came out to do this promo tour, it was a reminder of where it came from because if you’re gonna swagger jack somebody and take their style, at least pay the respect and the homage…” (Kendra G)

Check out Diddy speaking on Lil Kim below:

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