Diamond Addresses Rumored Soulja Boy & 50 Cent Joint LP, “I Saw The Tweet Just Like You” [Video]

Diamond Addresses Rumored Soulja Boy & 50 Cent Joint LP, “I Saw The Tweet Just Like You” [Video]

Atlanta rapper Diamond has addressed the current talks of a potential Soulja Boy Tell Em and 50 Cent collaboration album being in the works and how much respect she has for the G-Unit leader.

Although she could not confirm it, Soulja Boy’s current girlfriend said the joint LP will likely happen.

“I think so. I saw the tweet just like you [Angela Yee] but I remember them, [laughs], right, but I remember them chopping it up. Shouts out to 50, because he’s always been like a big brother to me as well. He’s just a real good dude, so I’m excited to see that happen.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Soulja Boy hinted at the possible collaborative effort earlier this week.

Are Soulja Boy and 50 Cent working on a collaboration album? According to Soulja Boy’s latest Tweet, the answer is yes. Out of the blue, Soulja Boy took to his Twitter account sharing a photo (above) of himself with 50 Cent, with a short but sweet message that a new collaboration effort dubbed Father Son featuring himself and 50 Cent is in the works. Now that was certainly unexpected. (Rap Dose)

Recently, Soulja Boy revealed 50 is involved in his upcoming Juice movie remake.

Over a year later, the 21-year-old MC says he’s taking his time to make sure that he not only gets the right script, but also the ideal scenario for filming and distribution. Well, he may be one step closer to finding the latter. Soulja recently revealed to XXLMag.com that a certain rap mogul and very close friend of his is helping him make sure that the Juice remake happens–none other than 50 Cent. “With the ‘Juice’ movie… 50 Cent, that’s my big bro,” Soulja told XXLMag.com. “He got a movie deal that gave him millions to come up with content. Me and him are going over the Juice movie now. That’s still coming.” (XXL Mag)

A few weeks ago, SB emphasized his relationship status alongside Diamond.

“This is my girl, so we’ll definitely have some music coming [out],” Soulja Boy tells VIBE with his arm wrapped around his main squeeze. While cupid may be on their side right now, TV cameras could also be coming to a Soulja Boy/Diamond bedroom sometime in the near future. ”I’ve been getting offers from a lot of different brands,” says Soulja Boy of his reluctance to star on his own reality TV show. The 21-year-old rapper says he isn’t quite ready to put his private life out into the public eye but admits he is entertaining a few ideas for a cable show. (VIBE)

Check out Diamond’s interview below:

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